Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye Bye 2005

2005 a year full of memories..

Satu tahun yang sangat meninggalkan kesan dalam hidup aku. Tahun yang banyak mengajar aku erti kehidupan. Menjadikan aku insan yang lebih dewasa dan matang. Mengajar erti kesabaran dan ketabahan.

Barisan kejayaan yang ditempa. Siri kesedihan yang menimpa. Aku harap dapat menjadi seorang insan bertakwa yang berguna sekurang-kurangnya menjadi pembela kelaurga.

A year so memorable and unforgettable.

God bless you always...

Jya ne!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My name is...

BatuBata: What is your name?
Ilyas: Iyash..(Ilyas)
Ilyas: Daniel..
Ilyas: Harper.. *smile*
BatuBata: Your little sister?
Ilyas: Tiawa..(Tiara)
Ilyas: Jane..Harper.. *grin*

BatuBata: What about you?
Hirman: Hirman..*blurb..blurb*

I am sorry honey but i don't quite get that.

Those were the first few lines before they turn super ramah. Super-Duper-Hyper Ramah. Four little munchkins. Cute grandchildren of Mak Itam Ros. Now i know how adik felt when she was in Perth with them. Can't wait for leelwan to be that age. But Leelwan, don't grow too fast ya. You are a bit too fast now. Slow down a bit lah.

Went to Nek Ngah's house last night to see the preparations for Shafiee's wedding. Everything is good. looks good. Everyone is very happy. Excited for the wedding i guess. As for Nek Ngah, this is her 9th grandchild to get married. Kira-kira balik dah 31 cicit dia. Cucu dah jangan cerita. Wow..!! i mean DOUBLE WOW..!! 31 great grandchildren. Bayangkanlah kalau semua berkumpul satu rumah. Just imagined how it would be. Frankly speaking.. i can't..

Well, mama is in KL today. Iring Mak Itam, Pak Itam and Shafiee for nikah. She is not home yet. It's almost 11. But, its ok. she just called me just now to tell that she is fine. I guess i'll just have to wait for her until she gets home. Nak lepak depan telly. Tengok apa yang ada..

Jya ne!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blue Tuesay

At last its a working day again. Malasnya nak gi kerja hari ni. Am still in the holiday season mood. Why can't it be Christmas everyday until new year so that i can have a week off.

Jenny is not in today. She has taken another extra 2 days off. Good for her and i guess its good for me. Hehhe..*wink* It has always been like this every year. Jenny will take extra leave during Christmas. Nak sambut birthday kot. Her birthday is the one birthday i can not forget one. Shares the same day as boxing day. So, boxing day can not forget one, makes Jenny's birthday also quite hard to forget loh.. Anyway Jenny, Happy Birthday.

Got home around 7 today. Had din din with my mama and angah. Then we recieved a phone call from Perth people who are already in Melaka. Mak Itam Ros called mama. They talked about many things i guess. Lama gak. But, something really surprising happened. Mama told me that they want me to be Abg Shafiee's best man or pengapit during the reception. Abg Shafiee who is getting married this Thursday and the reception was scheduled this weekend. My second time as a pengapit. *ARGHHHHH...!!* can die...!!

But, i think it's so hard to say no. Shafiee is so nice. Yeah, he is a good guy. He thinks highly of ayah. So, abg Shafiee.. i guess i'll say yes. Nak kena fitting baju ni. Lets see which one suits me best...

Jya ne!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Visits and Feast

What do we have here...

Firstly, i would like to wish all who visits a Merry Christmas. Any presents for me? *sugh* Every year it's like this..*sigh again*

By the way, it is a nice holiday today. Had a lot of rest at home. Pagi tadi gi visit my father sekejap. Friday hari tu tak sempat sebab sampai dari Pasir Gudang dah lambat dekat pukul 7.00 malam. After that we went to Nek Ngah's house. Nak jumpa Mak Itam Ros and the family. They are all back here from Perth. Their son, Abg Shafiee is getting married this coming Thursday. Yey abg Shafiee. Jumpa jugaklah dengan semua except for Kak Ngah's husband. He is still in Perth and can not make it. Too much work.

Apart from that, Nek Bik's children and grandchildren are also in Melaka. Something very rare. Macam rare species where you can't really find nowadays. Yup, as you can see in these 2 below pictures, they are here in Malaysia. Datang rumah time Raya lak tu. Hehhe.. But it is fgood to have them here. Mak Ju pun nak gi haji. So, they come to visit us sekali la. Buat Mak Ju and Uncle Hashim, moga daat haji yang mabrur. InsyaAllah.

The ladies.. My mama, Mak Ju, Ecah, Mak Ngah and Anjang.

These are Pak Ngah's children, Nurul and the rest including Umar and 2 of Anjang's son. Pak Ngah is on the couch and Anjang sitting on the floor with his 2 sons.

Good to have you all here. Come again soon ya...

That night we went to Umbai to have some ikan bakar. All of Mak Lang's sons were here and she decided to take us together with them. Kira macam mak lang belanja makan ikan bakar. Best jugak. But i couldn't have too much. Cholestrol beb.. kena jaga.

Ni udang. Jaga punya jaga pun 2 ekor jugak. Aih... excercise..

Jya ne!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Week

It is now 2328. Almost my bedtime as tomorrow is a working day. However, i've promised to update more of my blog. So, here i am..And today, we're talking about last week.

Hari ni otak macam jam semacam. I had this meeting on Environmental, Safety and Health Management Plan for almost 3 hours today. Started on continual training for improvements, accident reduction and i had my own slot to present the gap analysis on ISO14001:2004. Oklah.. i'll get straight to the point. Last week.

So, last week was a bit hectic for me. Still have a lot of things to be done before conversion audit. Where is my ASSISTANTS where i need them most...?? Well, practically, i do not have any. That is why they are not there..Hehhe..Sangat menyedihkan. Kerja separuh mati sampai lembik badan tapi tak ada orang yang tolong. Everything including audits, documentation review, preparation of documents and records, system development, gap analysis i have to do it alone. ALONE..!!!?*&%$/#

Tapi tak kisah. I managed to cover everything before the deadline. Alhamdulillah. I managed to present my findings to the steering committee in time. Everything went well and i came out with a proposal. Conversion audit will be in mid March. Looking at the current system, i guess we can make it with zero non-conformances in the conversion audit next March. Malaysia Boleh..!!

Mama and adik went to Kelantan last week. Went there by bus and had their 3 days holidays. I guess it is good for them to go. Relax kan kepala sesikit kan. But, the best thing is.. JALA MAS and BUAH TANJUNG.. Yeehaaaa.. Dah lama tak makan jala mas. The last time i ate this thing was back in 1998. This time mama bought me some jala mas. Takleh beli bebanyak. Not healthy. I really enjoyed them. Thanx mama..

Oh yes.. before i terforget. We celebrated Christmas is Cubic on Monday. Bila dah dapat gambar nanti i will update you guys. This year its blue and silver Christmas. And as the previous years, i am again the committee member for Christmas Celebration. Percaya tak percaya...

I need to catch some sleep. Esok nak pergi Pasir Gudang. The fourth time to JB in one month. Need to se some supplier on chemical analsys thing. I was sent there because i am the only freaking employee who knows chemicatry more than anyone else. By the way it's a freaking electronic company for heaven's sake...

Jya ne!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Last Weekend

It has been almost 2 weeks since i last made an entry to my blog. Kesian dia ni kan. Terabai. Its not that i do not want to but i am pretty busy with a lot of things. Work..Travelling..Lunyai dah badan ni..

A lot of things happened since then. Lets not talk about work for now shall we..Lets talk about what happened last weekend..

Saturday, 10th Dec 2005

Woke up early in the morning. Can't sleep after Subuh as i am going to JB again. This time, we went to UTM to collect all of my father's belongings which was still stored in his room. At 7.30 we made our way to UTM and arrived there at about 10.30.

Was quite a sentimental when i first opened the door to his office. Selama ni, kalau buka pintu office tu, ada jugak nampak kelibat ayah duduk kat kerusi merah dia. But now, everything has changed. I can never see him on that chair again. He used to sat there, teaching me organic chemistry and sometimes giving me extra lectures. Now...*sigh*

Bilik tu dah berhabuk. It has been years since we left that place. We went there to collect his books and some other things which belongs to my late father. Sedih sangat bila kemas-kemaskan bilik tu. We decided not to take all of the books. We left some for the library. At least budak-budak lain boleh pakai buku tu kan... After about 2 hours, everything is done and we are ready to go home. Tapi masa nak tutup pintu tu, terbayang ayah duduk kat kerusi dia, smiling like he always did. The way he had always smiled at me after extra lectures with him..I will always miss that room, that chair and most of all.. that smile of his..

Thank you UTM for everything..

Sunday, 11th Dec 2005

We arrived home yesterday at about 4 o'clock and today we are on our way to JB again. Received an early morning call from my aunt telling that a grandaunt passed away in JB. If u can clearly remembered, i mentioned about this nenek Salmah who is over 85 years of age and suffering of stroke for more that 5 years.. Yeah, she passed away peacefully at her house 8.00 a.m today.

All i know is that, she is a wonderful lady and a very loving person. Has never seen her frown. Not even once. I know she is a very pious person. And i pray that she will rest in peace. Al-Fatihah..

Apa pun, i truly agree with what my brother says.. Tahun ni ramai sedara kita pergi. Kita iringi pemergian mereka dengan doa agar roh mereka dicucuri rahmat. InsyaAllah.

I'll continue tomorrow on what happened last week..Till then..

Jya ne!

Monday, December 05, 2005


It was about 8 years back when i joined a workshop in Kolej Mara Banting called Critical Thinking and Cross Culture Awareness Workshop. I was introduced to a game called "Battle of the Wordlords". Was kinda cool as it was some sort like a debate thingy but when we won a "battle" which was a debate on a word, we will have the opportunity to conquer the opponents territory. Cool huh..

I had an opportunity to debate on a word. And the word was dream. Hell, my opponent talked about dreams in your sleep and nightmares and wet dreams.. sucks.. I talked about dreams as well. But the other dream. What you want to be..What can you contribute..Your passion..Your ambition.. Of course la, with a bit of salt and pepper, i won the battle. I learn an important thing back then. I talked about my dream and i won the battle.

If you never dream, you will never win.

I like this song and i wish to share it with you...


Sedalam tinggi,
Seluas jauh,
Begitulah cita-citaku,
Seandainya kau ingin tahu.

Selama ini,
Hingga keakhirnya,
Suka duka silih berganti,
Kita punyai satu... Mimpi

Dream, before the sun shines...

Jya ne!

Happy Birthday Ahmad Hafiz

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Ahmad Hafiz
Happy Birthday To You....

Well brother, i made a special entry just for you on your 23rd birthday. To you, may you lead a happy life full of love and joy, be blessed with all HIS blessings and be my friend forever. Be safe brother...

Jya ne!

Gambar ak ukat JB bila nak bagi..?*#/^!%#

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dalam Kenangan

Day out..

Kadang-kadang kita tak sangka apa yang akan terjadi pada kita. Allah pun dah tulis, memang kita tak akan tahu. Semuanya Qada' dan Qadar Allah.

Today, one more relative of mine has been taken back to where we belong. My second cousin Amir passed away today at approximately 11.30 p.m of appendix complication. I am still in shock and know not what to write.

He is 17 years of age. Tengah amil periksa SPM which was supposed to end yesterday. I remembered the last time we met was during Eid when he came to our house with his parents to visit us. Still cheerful and happy enjoying the 'mee hailam' my mother made for them. I never knew that that was the last time.

I never had a chance to joke with him one to one. Never knew how he really was. Not that we have anything but frankly speaking, we are civil. We are related and sometimes when we met that was the only time we talk and just that. But, from his parents, i know that he was a good kid and a bright one too. Like what they say.. Good people die young.

To Busu Azim dan Busu Ramlah, please be strong. I know how it feels to have lost someone you really and dearly loved. Sama-sama kita doakan moga Amir ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman. Amin.

Allahyarham Amir Dalam Ingatan

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I've been clicking on all the icons on the screen today.

It has almost two weeks since i last updated my blog. I have been very busy with office work as well as social activities. For the past few days, i have been wondering bilalah nak ada masa nak update blog ni for i have a lot of things to share and update. However, now when i have the luxury of time, i can never think of what i wanted to write. End up clicking the mouse over the icons over and over again. *sigh*

Time is running out now.. Quick lah.. Faster.. aiyoh.. dont know what to write some more you write like this.

Jammed with a lot of thigs to think about. The Internal Environmental System Audit coming in December. And is December and i have scheduled nothing for it yet. I dont think the whole system is ready for an internal audit. With Christmas shutdown for almost 2 weeks, what can i do..? Perhaps there are some things that i can do. I dont know what i can do..Tell me, please.

With still a lot of documents pending to be approved, list of records to be reviewed and new systems to be tested. Resources are insufficient. Resources in terms of manpower, knowledge (if it is categorised under resource) we dont have much inputs and basically i am trying my best to make sure i cover everything that the standard requires. I try to read the standard and try to understand its requirement. It is a headache to develop a management system. So many things to do. To compile, to review, to revise, to advise, to vomit blood.

All to be completed soonest possible. ALL..!! Apakan daya aku hanya manusia. The clock is still ticking.. Tick..Tick..

Jya ne!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Such word..?

Takkisahlah kan..Gonna tell you what happened during the weekends. Yesterday and today.

Saturday, 19th Nov 2005
Woke up early for my Subuh prayers and i cant actually sleep after my prayers. Usually i will sleep after my Subuh prayers and if it is a Saturday, i will wake up at 10.00 or 11.00. But today i can't sleep. I am going to JB..!! Yey.. It has been quite some time since i last went to JB. About a year ago although JB and Melaka is just 2 hours drive.

Arrived at Taman Perling to visit mama's cousin. Long lost cousin. We met again on the third day of Eid after about more than 10 years not seeing each other. Actually we are on our way to another relative's house but we are visiting this uncle first. Nak gi beraya. Kalau dah namanya beraya menziarah sanak saudara, tak sah kalau tak makan. They served us with mee kuah. I do not know what kuah tapi ada kerang, daging, telur, tomato, sawi and some more ingrediants that i do not know what they are. Tapi yang penting mee tu makan dgn kuah. We didn't stay long. Looks like it's spitting outside. So we made our move to Taman Sri Pulai to attend a wedding reception. My second cousin is getting married.

So we went there and attended their reception. Spent some time at their place before going to our next stop, Taman Datuk Sulaiman Menteri in Teberau. To Mak Ngah, Tahniah sebab terima menantu. To my second cousin, Mohd Fahrulrazi bin Baharudin, Congratulations.

We went there to visit Nenek Salmah. Kesian sangat tengok dia. She has been suffering for the last 5 years i guess of stroke. She can't do much now, yeah, thinking again she is almost 85 now. But still, i pity her. Semoga Allah mengurangkan beban yang ditanggung.

We didn't stay long at Sulaiman Menteri. We moved to BBU, my hometown to visit Pak Cik Malik, Cik Nor and their kids (or should i call them the hooligans). Lepak kat rumah diorang lama sket. Bukan apa, dari satu rumah ke satu rumah asyik makan je. Ni lah Melayu. Tak makan kata sombong. Kalau makan banyak.. mak jugak yang sakit. Sakit tau perut. Mee kuah, nasi minyak, roti dgn kuah daging and now mee kuah versi mak cik Nor. Oh My..Lepak dulu lah sebelum makan. After makan, i played PS with Aiman and Idin, wonderful boys. They are adoreable and cute. Tapi nakal MasyaAllah. Tak boleh tahan. Hoping that i can stay longer but its getting darker and mama has never drove at night. This is because i am staying back in JB with my friends in UTM while mama and angah will go back to Melaka. *i'll update later on what happened Saturday night*

Sunday, 20th Nov 2005
Woke up early today. Dah janji dgn mama nak balik awal. Tapi bangun awal pun Apis dah tengah study. Kesian dia, tido kat bawah malam tadi. Aku pun tak sedar bila aku tertido sampai dia kena tido bawah. Sorry yar *grin*

Didi took me to Taman Sri Putri to send me back by bus. We had roti banjir and nescafe before i took my bus at 10.00. Usually at this time, baru nak bangun berlingkar lagi atas katil. Hehhe. It is Sunday for heavens sake.

That is my weekend. Termasuk ada satu lagi entry for what happened Saturday night.

Apa yang losted nye..?
Hehhe. JB has changed a lot since i left it 3 years ago. Imagine, in 3 years, i can not even remember how to go to Extra. Dulu punyalah Extra tu gi memain every weekend. Sesat sampai tah kemana. Luckily i saw a sign to Jalan Datin Halimah. Kalau tak memang tak sampai la Teberau. Actually i can go there via Kebun Teh as well or perhaps Holiday Plaza tapi nak jugak cari jalan sesat. Losted betul kat JB. And i say i am a Johorean..? Who cares, i am a Johorean.

Jya Ne!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

One More Down

You meet people everyday. Most of them will just pass by. Some may look and smile. Some may just ignore. Some may say HI. Maybe one or two will touch your heart. If you are lucky, you will meet someone who will change your life..!!

Well, i am not that lucky yet. At least not the kind who has met someone who changed my whole life. But i AM lucky as i am surrounded by a whole bunch of good friends. Nice people in Cubic, great friends from school times and wonderful friends from Uni. Well, there are also some so called "friends". Just let them be. Those "tikam belakang" friends, "pengampu" friends, and the worst is "bermuka-muka" friends. I call this three cats "pergi mampos friends".But i am not going to talk about these people. It's about something else.

One of my good friend is leaving today. Well, yesterday was his last day as a Cubican. He is free at last from Cubic. Is that good or bad for him? I just dont know. Like i have posted before, Good or Bad..Hard to say.

But at least, Zul pergi jugak untuk tinggalkan Cubic untuk meneruskan usaha mencari pengalaman hidup merantau di tempat orang. I like what he said. Although he is not the kind who has a double degree or an MBA but he thinks differently from other people. Maybe it was from the way he was brought up by his father.

*Aku rasa aku perlu keluar dari stay kat Cubic. Bukan dapat apa pun. Sekurang-kurangnya aku mencuba benda yang baru. Selagi muda ni, kita cuba apa yang kita rasa kita nak buat atau nak jadi. Jadi apa yang kita nak jadi. Kalau kita dah usaha tapi tak jadi, itu bukan rezeki. Tapi kalau tak usaha dan tak jadi..*

It is left with a question mark anyway. A BIG one.

Where is this heading anyway...?

Apa pun, BinTaib as what i always called him, all the best for your new life in Kuala Kangsar.

The Hari Raya Committee having lunch at Tiara Golf Resort. Appreciation meal as being committed as a committee and also Zul's farewell from the committee.

Jya Ne!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I just came back from KL. Bertolak gi KL semalam pukul 1 tegahari. Planned to meet my classmate from MRSM who is getting married next week. Elma Ratna Kartini bt Kasro. The eighth to get married from my class, Nuruddin al-Raniri.

The reason why i went to KL was because i needed to see her. Not that i wanted to stop the wedding or what, but i just want to meet her and see if she is ok before her wedding day on the 19th of Nev 2005. Dahala kawan baik. One of the best i guess. Tak dapat pulak g wedding reception kat Ipoh. Well, i surely can't make it to her wedding as one of my relatives are also getting married on the same day. Satu kat Johor Bahru satu lagi kat Ipoh. Well, Elma i am really sorry that i can't attend your reception. Really am. But, i really hope u liked what i got for you. It is something really useful and will come in handy one day. I know it will as brother received one as well on his wedding. Kalau tak silap abg Amy bagi. You wanna know what that is..?

It's for me to know and for you to find out.

Anyway, aku doakan semoga ko bahagia hidup sampai akhir hayat. InsyaAllah.

I woke up a bit late. Around 10.30. hehhe. Janji dgn AntiX nak gi rumah dia pukul 11pagi. Memang lawak betul. 30 minutes mana nak sampai dari KL ke PJ. So i sms him back saying i'll be arriving at noon.

Sampai jugak kat rumah Beg. Thank you so much for inviting, for having me and for the lunch. InsyaAllah, i'll bring my mother to your house one day. Really am tired now and sleepy too. Dah terbayang macam mana esok kat office. nampak dengan jelas sekali. Baik tido sekarang sebelum esok tido depan pc.

Jya ne!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Karnival Cahaya Lebaran

So, this is it. The thing that i have been working for with my other 9 friends. Karnival Cahaya Lebaran 2005. A joint celebration for Eid and Diwali this year. The idea came from my collegue Saroja that this year, instead of invitng school children to sing and dance and giving the employees doorgifts, we will organise a mini carnival for all employees of Cubic Electronics.

We distributed 6 coupons worth RM6 to all 2780 employees and they are free to choose any food or drinks to be exchanged at the carnival which will be held for 3 days. Well, they can still always buy additional food using their own money, but those which are sponsored by the company are just the RM6. Lain tanggung sendiri la.

It was the first time Hari Raya and Deepavali is celebrated this way in Cubic. So i am very suprised to see the crowd on the first day which is today. Ramai sangat orang sampaikan tak terlayan. First reason being, tak pernah buat karnival macam ni. Second reason was FREE FOOD from the manaagement. Mana tak penuh tapak karnival. The weather is very good to us. The shine is shining brightly. Lagi lah senang orang nak datang. Pemutusnya belum pun pukul 1.00 tengahari, everything is sold out.

Tak sempat nak makan apa-apa. Tapi takpe sebab esok ada lagi. Sampai Jumaat.

These are the committee members for Hari Raya Celebration. Standing from left: Noraini, Kak Sofa, Zuhaizan, Kak Aemei and Wawa. Sitting from left: Suhaizal, ME and Zulkifli. (Everyone needs to practise how to smile). Sebenarnya bukan tak nak senyum. This picture is taken at 3.00 o'clock after the carnival. Dah penat sangat. Badan dah melekit. Tapi nak jugak satu gambar untuk album. See the theme this year..RED..!!!

This is another picture of us.

This picture is not taken at the carnival area. Panas beb. This is in our lobby. Still have some hari Raya Deco. See there. Ketupat, panjut and pelita. hehhe..sikit je tinggal.

Two days to go still...

Jya ne!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Puteh Binti Ngah Dalam Kenangan

Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarhamah Puteh binti Ngah yang kembali ke rahmatullah pada pagi ini 5 November 2005 bersamaan 3 Syawal. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh beliau dan agar ditempatkan bersama-sama roh para solihin. Amin.

I drove back to Padang Sebang this morning after receiving the news that my grandautie passed away this morning. Puteh binti Ngah, or usually being addressed as Nek Busu Ateh (i didn't know her name until today) passed away peacefully on her bed at 5.30 in the morning.

Although we were never close as she is just my grandauntie, but there were some memories that i have of her. I can still remember, since i was small until 2 years back, i will go and visit her and her husband on third day of Eid. This has been a normal practise for us (me and my family) and them. She will cook for us masak lemak cili padi daging salai, sometimes she will put in belimbing buluh or binjai. Surely i will miss that as i think she makes one of the best masak lemak cili padi daging salai. But, those were memories that i will keep. Memories with Nek Busu Ateh inside.

May peace be on you.

Jya ne!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Story of Eid

First day of Eid, 3rd Nov 2005

I woke up early in the morning at about 5.45 a.m. Had my Subuh prayers with my mama and had 'takbir' with her. I behaved well, trying so hard not to show my sorrows during 'takbir'. Usually, we had this together with my father and the whole family. But this year, it was only my mother and me.

After Subuh prayers, we went back to Telok Mas to visit my father's grave. Something new this Eid as this year we were left alone to celebrate Eid when my father passed away in June.

After that was Eid prayers. I had it at Telok Mas as well. Takut tak sempat nak balik Air Keroh. So i had the prayers with everyone in the pictures below.

This is some of my cousins. Yeah, most of my cousins are boys. This is the only picture i took this Eid. And intentionally to place it in this blog. Kalau tak memang tak ambil pun. After all, i do not have much time. Have to rush back to Ayer Keroh as some friends are coming over to visit us.

Later in the afternoon, Mark and Theresa came to visit us. Followed by Jenny, Shirrene & Shaun and family, Mr & Mrs Young, Dato' and Datin Goh. All from Cubic. Thanx all. When the Cubic company is about to leave my house, the whole Long Jaafar's family came. Ramai tu. Mak Ngah, Mak Ude, Mak Teh, Pak Cik semua ada. Tak larat betul nak layan semua. But the first day did not end there. Later that night, still a lot of people came to visit us. Relatives and all..The day ended pretty late. But, the next day we are planning to visit my grandauntie who is not very well. She is suffering from liver disfunction. Late night today..early day tomorrow..

Second day of Eid, 4th Nov 2005

Woke up at about 8 a.m and get ready to go back to Padang Sebang, my great grandmother's kampung. We ae going to visit Nek Busu Ateh, my grandmother's sister who is not very well. Her liver is not functioning well and so is the colon. Have not met her for quite some time. The last time we met was in July. But this time when we met, she can't even recognise me. Even worse, i don't recognise her at all. She was there on her bed, lying in pain. She is nothing but skins and bones. I pity her so much. Hanya dapat doa semoga dia tak menderita menahan sakit.

Went back to Air Keroh before Friday prayers. Nothing much happened today except for later in the evening. My mum's cousin came to visit and they went back at about 11.00. Tengoklah gambar ka bawah ni. Ramai tak ramai. Alhamdulillah, orang kata kalau org datang tu maksudnya bawak rezeki.

After they all went back, i went out to see a friend of mine. Lepak-lepak tengok bandar Melaka waktu malam. Reached home at 2.00 a.m. Mengantuk ni..

Jya ne!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eid Mubarak

Buat semua pengunjung-pengunjung One by One Blog:

Salam AidilFitri
Mohon Maaf Zahir & Batin

To all who visits my blog:

Happy Eid

Monday, October 31, 2005


Arghhh... Memang macam lost sebab ada sambungan. Dah lah semalam terperangkap kat dalam bilik tak boleh keluar untuk sahur. And today i was stuck in the lift at the office. Was on my way to the third floor (my office) from Suhaizal's office at first floor. Malas nak naik tangga so i took the lift when suddenly the lift goes straight down to ground floor and stopped. The lights even went off and the ventillation fan quit functioning. Oh..My... Don't tell me its the second trapped incident in 2 days time.

Luckily i have my phone with me. So i called upon the reception so that they could call the facility technicians to fix the problem. Before that i pressed the emergency button, and no one could bother. No one at control room ever bother to answer my call. F**k them all.

And as the list of cursing goes on, i used my position as the company's auditor to audit facility on their inspection and maintenance records. hehhe.. Don't mess with me. Walaupun aku tak ada kakak ipar sebagai vice manager (whatever that means) i can mess around even i am on my own. Bila lah episod terperangkap ni akan selesai.. Jangan lepas ni terperangkap dalam cinta sudah.. Hahhahaha..bayar nazar weh..

Jya ne!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Sounds like LOST. But basically i am not lost. Not yet. But something teribble really happened to me today. Well, this is what happened earlier this morning.

Well, usually around 4.30 in the morning, my mother or sister will wake me up for sehri. And this morning they woke me up at the usual time. I woke up lazily. Trying so hard to stay awake. Walking to my bedroom door. Struggling to walk and when i reached the door (which was just a few steps from my bed), i can't open the door. Just then i was so awake. Siapalah yang nak buat lawak pagi-pagi buta ni. But tell you what, this is no joke.

So, nak dijadikan cerita pintu bilik tu tak boleh buka. So, what did i do. Tried opening the door knob using screwdriver. Buka memang la boleh. Tapi setakat buka skrew je lah. The rest, i must tell you i am hopeless. So, what my mother did, she gave me my sehri through my bedroom's window. Together with a glass of plain water and a mug of hot chocolate. Rasa macam dalam tahanan sey..*sigh* Subuh pun tak buat. Nampaknya, kenalah subuh lepas dah boleh keluar nanti.

So around 8++ my mother called upon some guy to open the door knob. It was really a tough one. He managed to crack the knob using a hammer. Wanna see what happened to the knob?

Betul tak tipu. Apek tu ketuk pakai hammer baru boleh buka tau. Well, at last i am free. At around 9.30 i guess. At least i know what is it like not to be free. So everyone, do not commit suicide..!! eh, salah. Stay out of crime scene. Apa-apa je lah. Yang penting, buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan buat langsung..

Jya ne!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

C'est la vie

See that picture there. We (myself and the Hari Raya AidilFitri Committee) went shopping. Yeah, shopping during working hour at Mahkota Parade. As usual, i am in the committee for Hari Raya AidilFitri celebration. And this year for the second year running, i am the chairman of the committee. This year's committee comprises of 11 people. Myself as the chairman, Noraini as vice chairman, Suhaizal as secretary and the rest here are the members. Kak Sofa, Kak Aemei, Zuhaizan, Iskandar, Khairunnazwa, Lornah,Izah and BinTaib.

Normally what do we do.. For Hari Raya committee actually we have 2 events to organise. First is the plantwide celebration of Hari Raya which will be later in Novembver and the second event is Majlis Berbuka Puasa and donations to orphans and single mothers. 50 orphans and single mothers were selected from nearby villages. As for the orphans, the committee members will take them shopping for 'baju raya' while some cash were given to the single mothers. At least to share with them something while celebrating AidilFitr.

Well, the above picture is taken in the bus while waiting for the rest of the whole lot to return to the bus. See all the smiling faces of the young ones and their mothers, enjoying themselves buying clothes and shoes for Hari Raya.

Kalau nak fikirkan, this year i myself will celebrate AidilFitr without my beloved father around. I don't think i have the heart to celebrate AidilFitr this year. Hari Raya to me this year is just a day to note my completion of fasting. Nothing more than that. I tried so hard to be excited to celebrate Hari Raya, but the feeling just won't come. Maybe, Beg is right. I just need some time or something or perhaps someone to make my Raya a meaningful Raya again. But, for now just let it be that way.

Makin dekat nak raya, makin selalu acik ingat pada ayah. Tak pernah sehari pun dalam hidup yang acik tak ingat pada ayah. Ayah, i miss you so much. I miss the laughter we shared, the joke you created, the fights we used to have and most of all..the game we used to bowl together. I know you know how much i love you.

But, that is life. Fate that we can't change. It is called Qada' and Qadar.

Jya ne!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Buka Puasa and Birthday Celebration

Hi there all.. It has been one week i guess since i last update this. Dah lama gak tu. Was very busy with a lot of training. From being a trainer for Aspect/Hazard Identification Training to being a participant for Quality Service Training. Plus all the updating of revised procedure, i don't have much time left to update my blog.

But at least, hari ni dapat jugak la membuat beberapa perkara terhadap blog ini. First of all, i have inserted a chat box for everyone to use. Mind you, this chat box is for all. So i expect no one to use any obscene language there..!! hehe, amaran tu.. but, feel free to use it.

Ha.. nak update sket lagi. Had a buka puasa at kak Gee's house yesterday. Thank you kak Gee for inviting us to your house. I went there with Nazri. Picked him up at Paya Dalam and off we went to her house. Arrived there at about 6.45 which is just a bout 13 minutes before buka puasa. After us was kak Dzarifah and her family followed by Abidul and Adam.

Banyak jugak yang Kak Gee masak untuk kitorang. We had nasi lemak, ikan bakar, ayam goreng, rojak, and masak asam ikan. Other than that, we also had chocalate cake. Eh, kenapa lak eh ada kek hari ni.. Oooooo, serious i never knew that it was her birthday. Tak senonoh betul kan kitorang. So kak Gee, slemat ulangtahun yang ke xx *tak tahu yang keberapa* apa pun, semoga kak gee terus dimurahkan rezeki dan sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah.

After solatul Maghrib, Nany arrived together with her boyfriend, Zul and her girlfriend and some other people who i dont recognize. But i think they are all kak Gee's subordinates. ramai sangat, tak kenal..

We headed back after that at around 9.00 o clock. Thanx so much Kak Gee. Nanti ada masa, ada rezeki ajakla kitorang datang lagi eh... *wink*

I am still waiting for the pictures taken last night to be posted to me. Nazri, jangan lambat tau. nanti aku nak upload dalam blog aku..

Jya ne!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Good or Bad, hard to say!

Mind the English. I copied from an e mail sent to me by a friend.

Once upon a time, there was a king. The king liked one of his
followers very much because he was very wise and always gave very
useful advice. Therefore the king took him along wherever he went.

One day, the king was bitten by a dog, the finger was injured and the
wound was getting worse.

He asked the follower if that was a bad sign. The follower said, Good
or bad, hard to say'. In the end, the finger of the king was too bad
that had to be cut.

The king asked the follower again if that was a bad sign.

Again, the follower gave the same answer, 'Good or bad, hard to say'.

The king became very angry and sent the follower to prison.

One day, the king went hunting in the jungle. He got excited when he
was on the chase of a deer. Deeper and deeper he went inside the
jungle. In the end he found himself lost in the jungle. To make thing
worse, he got captured by the native people lived inside the jungle.

They wanted to sacrifice him to their god. But when they noticed that
the king had one finger short, they released him immediately as he
was not a perfect man anymore and not suitable for sacrifice. The
king managed to get back to his palace after all. And he finally
understood the follower's wise quote, 'Good or bad, hard to say'. If
he hadn't lost one finger,he could have been killed by the
native people.

He ordered to release the follower, and apologized to him. But to the
king amaze, the follower was not mad at him at all. Instead, the
follower said, 'It wasn't a bad thing that you locked me up.'

Why? Because if the king hadn't locked the follower up, he would have
brought the follower along to the jungle. If the native found that
the king was not suitable, they would have used the follower. Again,
the quote 'Good or bad, hard to say' stands.

The moral of the story:

Everything that happens in this world, there is no absolute good or
bad. Sometimes good things turned out to be bad things eventually,
while bad things become a gain.

Whatever good things that happen to you, enjoy it, but don't have to
hold too tight to it, treat it as a surprise in your life.Whatever
bad things that happen to you, don't have to feel too sad or despair,
in the end, it might not be a total bad thing after all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Let It Be

Oct 11 2005, 22:20 hrs

I was about to update my blog. I have already got something to talk about. Tapi, nanti dulu lah. It has been quite some time that i visited my brther, sis-in-law and niece's blog. So, i went to visit them all. First, it was my niece's. ppbbbffffffttttttthhhhhh!!! thanx leelwan, for the tribute to PakCik. I will always love you. Promise!!

Then, i went to visit my brother's blog. Along, all the best for your new job yar.. Good to hear you are keeping well. I am so proud of you. Just for the record, you are my second idol..

Kak Long's blog touched my heart the most. Actually, i was about to write about the same thing. But i do not know how. How i wanted to explore this world and be independent. How i wanted to live my life and lead it my way. How i hope everyone understands what i wanted and LET me do what i want to do.

Am i too young to decide to do what is best for me? Terlalu dangkal fikiran anak muda darsawarsa sehingga terpaksa menunggu keputusan di buat pihak berwajib? I don't think so. For whatever reason, i need to make my own decision to decide what is best for me. To some of my so called "friends" who think they know me, think again. Just because you are older then me and you know my family member, it doesn't mean that you can also make a decision on behalf of me. To "you know who you are", GET A LIFE..!!!

Oct 12 2005, 22:58 hrs

I think i am done now *at last*

I'd like to share something from One Tree Hill,

"I don't want to be anything,
Other than what i've been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and
I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me"

Jya ne!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


It is here again after a year. Welcome back. The month full of blessings and enjoyment. This is Ramadhan al Mubarak, where we also call it the fasting month.

Nak cerita pasal bulan Ramadhan ni, banyak sangat tajuknya. But i think i will talk about my favourite kuih for berbuka puasa. Yum, yum... nasib baik lah sekarang ni dah berbuka puasa.

Without any furthe delay.. First in the list:

1. Nekbat

Makanan ni berasal dari Kelantan. Actually i got to know this from one of my friend who is a Kelantanese. Syila, thanx a lot for introducing me to this. Actually i do not know how they make this kuih. But, it tastes like kuih bahulu soaked in tea..*huh* yup, rasa cam kuih bahulu cicah dgn air teh. Sebenarnya, kuih ni ada dua part. Kuih yang macam bahulu dan kuah. Kuah dia ni di buat daripada air gula campur daun pandan dgn bunga cengkih sket. But nowadays, the kuah is not that sweet like the days before. Kalau time bulan puasa, mesti gi cari kat Sungai Udang. That is the only place in Melaka that i can find nekbat.

2. Akok and Chilli springroll

Looks excellent. And it tastes excellent as well. I only have one akok in this picture and it is a bit hidden behind the springrolls. Well, actually akok comes from Kelantan as well. Just like nekbat, akok is also as sweet. Made of flour, duck's eggs and a whole lot of sugar, akok is one of my favourite and a "mesti beli" item during Ramadhan.

Apa pun, i still await one moist chocolate cake from KL. Aidir, you promised me the cake and i am expecting it.. say, next week.. hehhe *grin*..jadi kan balik Melaka next weekend? I hope to get the taste of one moist chocolate cake (a piece will do if not the whole lot). Aidir, i am counting the days..

Jya ne!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Al Fatihah

"To You (Allah) we pray, and from You (Allah) we seek help" (Al Fatihah:5)
I believe that He will help us whenever we seek help from Him.

I still remember, 100 days ago, when my father passed away of heart attack, i was very scared and afraid. I know not what to do. I even told him that i was too afraid to continue living without him around. I have always had him by my side. Supporting me, being there for me and standing up for me. When he passed away, i felt lost. Not to forget afraid. This is when i realized that having full faith in Allah, makes me feel better.

It is his will to take my father away, leaving me to continue my journey. My brother once said, which i quite agree "Ayah has done everything that he needs to do in this world. He has completed his mission and hence being called back."

These were the last words for me from my beloved father;
"My handsome son, thank you for being there for me. I am glad that i have you as my son. I am proud to be your father. Try to score 300. Be the best bowling player" I can still remember, those were the words he whispered into my ears some days before his last breath. And those are the words that i will never forget until my dying day.

I missed you so much and i know u know how much i love you.

Al Fatihah...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back where i belong..

So now i am back to where i am supposed to be. At least someone thinks that i am supposed to be here and no where else. *sigh*

These are the pictures of me leaving London. Along, kak Long and Leelwan, thanx for everything. I really enjoyed my stays there in London. Surely, i will come again to visit u guys. And not to forget Auntie Tim. Thanx a lot. This picture is the last picture taken with the Atanmayas. *hehehe*. Ada umur nanti kita jumpa lagi dan boleh ambil gambar banyak-banyak lagi. Boleh makan duck and pancake, anchovy pizza and perhaps oxtail stew. Boleh kan...

Ni kat dalam plane. Nampak je senyum, tapi sebenarnya tuhan je yang tahu betapa sedihnya nak kena balik Malaysia sebab hari Isnin nak kena kerja... Hahha.. What ever it is, i really enjoyed my holidays this time. And i hope u guys enjoyed my stays as much.

Jya ne!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Love Is All Around


For the first time in history. Confession made on the one that i love. I love this girl so much, it hurts to leave her in London. Tahla, kenapa aku sayang sangat kat sikenit ni. Well, for starters let me tell you that she is so cute and adorable. Dia ni bijak dan dah mula pandai nak bermanja.

She is my one and only niece (at present time). Azmarea Azlan. Just look at her. How cute is she...SHE IS CUTE...

Yeah, she is adorable. And that comes from her one and only uncle... That's me..

Jya ne!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Greenwich, Bekonscot and Windsor

So this is the weekends again. After celebrating one of the best bithday ever, my brother and sister-in-law brought us (myself, Auntie Tim and Leelwan) out for a roadtrip.

So first stop...Greenwich.

This picture on the left is where we bought the most excellent brownie ever in the whole world. Rasanya lah kot. Thanx kak long for the brownies. I think the chocolate and respberry are good but still the white chocolate brownie is still the best. Nyum, nyum...

Actually, kat Greenwich ni kitorang stop sekejap je untuk beli brownie. After that we went to Bluewater, one of the biggest shopping mall in Europe. I think it's the biggest. Didn't do any shopping at Bluewater. Just jalan-jalan.

The next day, Sunday, we went out again. We went to Bekonscot to see a miniature village. It is a very nice place to see all type of buildings in miniature size. Castles, forts, church, shophouses, hospitals and even graveyards. Hehhe.. And it has been there since 1929. Pretty cool huh..

As u can see behind me is a miniature size fortress made of bricks and stones. Just imagine a fortress smaller than leelwan. *Hmm*. It didn't take long for us to complete the whole area of miniature village. So we decided to go to Windsor and see the queen...

So, off we go to Windsor. As i can remember, the last time i was in Windsor was when i'm 7. That was like 17 years ago. Lama tu. And that time, Windsor safari was still there but now i heard the whole safari has been shifted to Manchester or somewhere else. But the good news is, Windsor castle is still there. Good news ke? Tak kot. Biasa je..

After a few oohs and ahhs looking at the castle, we went to have some scones at a tea shop situated at Queen Charlotte Street, the shortest street ever recorded in the whole UK which measures a mere 50 ft and 10". *kiasu*

The scones were excellent. Especially served with creme and strawberry jam. Rasa cam tak nak berhenti makan. Tambah lak dgn black coffee. Mak mertua lalu pun tak perasan. Haha aku bukan ada mak mertua pun...

Apa apa pun, i really enjoyed the whole weekend spent with my brothers family including Auntie Tim. Thanx ya all.

Jya ne!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Birthday Bash...

Hey ya all..

First let me sing a song for myself..
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy bithday to me.

Well basically, yesterday was my birthday. 14th September 2005. And guess what i think i am having the best birthday ever in my whole life. It all started when it looks like no one ever care if its my birthday or not. But, i wouldn't mind as my brothe and sister in law might be too tired after a hard day at work. So there i was, sitting in front of the telly with almost no light when suddenly they came out of their room bringing along a rich chocolate cake with candles. Hahha..they remembered after all. So singing a birthday song to celebrate good health and good life, i cant believe it as it was the first in so mane years that someone actually sing for me on my birthday.

And...the list of presents i recieved this year. Along and kak long gave me a handsome dockers sling bag. Aunty Tim gave me some cash as she thinks its best for me to look for my own present, where in the end i bought myself a very nice M&S shirt. Thank you along, kak long and aunty. And as for Azmarea the leelwan, she gave me something as well. She gave me her lower arm for me to bite. And she cried. How sweet. *grin*

And the best is yet to come. I also got a ticket to watch Lion King the musicals at The Strand. And, its the nicest seat that anyone could asked for. Basically, i really wanted to go and watch the musical but i just dont know when to go yet. But, just let me just tell you about the show. It is extremely excellent. How they bring the whole jungle to the hall. I dont think i can describe but i am sure it is the best musicals that i have ever been to. Thanx along and kak long.

Mama and angah, thank you very much for the cards. Really meant a lot to me. How much we have went through and there is still a lot more to go through. I'll be strong.

Well, just say that this years' birthday is the best ever. Thanx to all. Maybe when i am back i will scan the tickets and place it in other posts.

Jya ne!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

At Last...

I am back... it's my fourth day in London. And my first day blogging after quite sometime. Apap pun, it is time for me to update all you guys about what has been happening here.

Touched down at Heathrow at 6.00 p.m (London time). After a long queue at the immigration, i finally get out of the terminal finding my brother is already waiting for me. But before that, i would like to thank pak teh, kak yati and my family for sending me to the airport.
Before we reached home, we fetched Abg Lam, Kak Farah and their 2 wonderful children, Umar and Alia. First time visitng my brother as well, so we had dinner together. After sending them back home, we headed back to catch up among each other.
Chit chatted for a few hours, i dont intend to sleep at all.
First reason being its already morning in Malaysia.
Second, we planned to go to the market to look for some fish.
So after they all went to bed, i spent my first night in London with Sky.

Day 2
Wake up sleepy 'eads. Tapi, tak bangun pun. Eventually everyone is up at about 8.30. Too late to go to the market already. So, we decided to stay home and enjoy the weekend as we planned to visit another Malaysian, Sasi and Nalina who just had their second baby last Tuesday.
About 2.00 p.m we started the journey to Essex where they are but we made a stop at Mother Care World. World betul... We arrived at Sasi's at about 4 o'clock to see that they are already wxpecting the Londoners. Had nice time meeting u guys and to the newborn, Welcome to the new world.
Congratulation to Sasi and Nalina on your new born baby.
That night, we were half full and half empty. Kinda starving but a bit full. So, we ordered chinese. Had hot and sour soup which was excellent. But i dont think i can have the duck. I am totally full. And not to forget, sleepy. It has been more than 28 hours since i had my last sleep.
Night all..!!

Woke up early and fresh. Had good sleep in the duvet. Rasa cam tak nak bangun pun ada. But the sun is shining brightly. Rugi beb duduk rumah je. So after brunch, siapkan leelwan, we went window shopping at high street. Lupa nak cerita pasal leelwan. She is so very adorable now. Dia dah pandai gelak, senyum besar and senyum kecil. But i really like the senyum kecil. Looks so cute. Heartbreaker...
After having kebab, we went to marks and spencers to buy some desserts. Mandarin orange desserts, some caramel and blue berry puddings. Splendid. Berat la Leelwan sekarang. Semangat. Letih lak dokong. But anyway, u aren't heavy, you're my niece.

And today, we planned to go to Elephant and Castle. To buy some Clarks. Tengok la eh apa yang dapat. I'll update u guys more tomorrow.

Jya ne!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Merdeka Updates..

Sorry la.. Gambar-gambar ni lambat sket nak publish sebab baru je dapat dari empunya kamera pagi tadi. So guys, these are the pictures of me and my troops marching along Malacca streets for almost 8 kilometers. Not bad eh.

The walking journey is so very tiring. But fun. Rasa macam celebriti sey...Kitorang jalan di tengah-tengah jalan, kereta berhenti di pangkal jalan dan ramai orang menonton kami di bahu-bahu jalan. Bolehlah jalan, terasa diri selebriti la kononnya. Apa pun, this is how i celebrate merdeka this year.

By the way, thanx Ong for taking our pictures. Senyum ni bukan apa, senyum sebab Bapak Ong nak ambil gambar kitorang. Siap bagi signal tu sebelum ambil gambar....

Well, today is my last day here in Melaka before i go and spend my holidays with the Atanmayas. Cant wait to se you guys. For those in Cubic.. Selamat Berkerja Keras !!

Jya ne!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hot.. Hot.. Hot

Hey there all. Sorry la, sebab lama sangat tak update benda ni. The last time i updated this thing was on bowling celebration and was like 7 days ago.

So, today was the beginning of the last week before i fly to London. *Leelwan, tunggu lagi 4 hari je lagi.*So, as expected, i have a whole lot of things to settle before i go for my 2 weeks notice. Eh, bukan.. Two weeks holiday in London with Leelwan and the Atanmayas. I have scheduled everything from Monday to Friday. So that i can cover as much as i can before i leave. Documents submission for recertification of ISO14001, Regulatory audits, some training session for Suhaizal on conversion of ISO14001 to the new version and some legal updates to be done. I just hope that everything can be settled before i go or at least Jenny will have some ideas on what am i working on.

*whole paragraph deleted as to protect confidentiality*

And that was the reason why i took half day leave today. I have to go and do my passport with the Immigration Dept. Tak perasan passport tu dah nak luput tarikh. Thank you mak lang. Without u i dont think i can get the passport today. *wink*

Tapi panas tak tahan. Sweating like i'm in hell. But i've never been there yet. And no intentions of going there as well. =) Tambah pulak dgn aircon kereta yang agak bermasalah. Poor me. Tak ada budget nak betulkan air cond. Nantilah, tunggu balik dari London. Cubic pun.. bagi bonus sikit sangat.. Cuba lah bagi over the dose sikit kan.. Try again next year yeah..

Jya ne!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Viva Le'Fiesta

Actually, i have scheduled a hectic sunday for today. But after last night, and the tiring day, i couldn't even open my eyes. After my Subuh prayers, i went straight back to sleep and woke up at 9.45. Sorry sangat Kak Gee, saya terpaksa ponteng raptai kawad hari kebangsaan hari ni sebab tak larat nak bangun. Semalam yang memenatkan.

After having my breakfast with my mama (had fried bee hoon *yummy*) i sat in front of my pc to update my blog. Masa tu keluar cerita dapat nombor 4 untuk nasyid. Huhuhu.. nak buat apa lagi kan.. Pastu dah setel semua i had my showers and my zohor prayers and get ready to go to Grand Continental. I organized a Hi Tea as a celebration to our victory in bowlin inter factory this year. Dah lama dah dapat hadiah tu, ni baru nak celebrate. Tu pun nasib baik budget dah ada dalam bulan August kalau tak mau sampai tahun depan tak organize lagi.

Apa pun, had fun time with the team today. Makan sikit la punya banyak... sampai tapau bawak balik.. Apa pun thanx to Maria who arranged all this for us. Ha.. nak tido la, pagi esok ada raptai untuk hari kebangsaan lagi. *yawn*

So this is one of the pictures taken during the Hi Tea. With me is Khairul and Arzahar, who made it to CESB's first team who eventually came in second place behind Infineon as usual. Tah bila lah nak dapat kalahkan Infoneon...

Jya ne

settle at 4 *sigh*

So this is it.. The night that we've all been waiting for. The first time Cubic Electronics qualifies for the finals for nasyid inter factory for Melaka state. By the way, here are some pictures of me at the finals. Yang kat sebelah ni, masa nyanyi lagu nabi anak yatim. We had a fine time especially bila Nazri goreng pakai kompang. Memang best. Somehow the judges were quite impressed i should say but anyhow..nak buat macam mana...

So this is is the picture of us. Lelaki kat belakang
dari kiri: Hasib, Nazri, Abg Hizam, Bul, Myself and Abidul.
For ladies from left: Lin, Effa, Edah, Kak Gee, Bib and Kak Yati.
Apa pun, we are the only team in the finals yang pakai jacket and the ladies pakai seluar. Memang contemporary. Boleh tahan la.
Apa yang nak dapat dengan budget RM 10 sorang untuk baju kan. Ni pun dah cukup baik ada kak Gee nak sponsor lebih. Thanx Kak Gee.

Well, it was quite an experience. Eventually we finished fourth behind Infineon who emerged as the champion, National Semicon second and TCCM as the second runner up. Well, apa pun, kita boleh try lagi next year kan.. If i am still around.

To all, thanx so much and congratulations.

Jya Ne!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hmm..My second day coming back at 8.00 o'clock. To hectic of a day. Tak tahan dah badan ni. A few meetings sampaikan the last meeting with ET scheduled at 6.00 pm, i dont think i can attend that one. Sorry guys. You proceed and update me on the outcome. I'll go for the food testing later next week.

Just wish that my life is easier. Dah 3 hari sakit kepala ni tak nak pergi. At least my running nose is not there although it's still walking. This is real headache. Kepala macam nak pecah punya. Makan pain killer pun dah tak boleh baik. Hopefully i can get rid of it before nasyid finals this weekend.

Talking about nasyid, we have only 3 days left. And i can see that we are doing great. Conga and kompang and the other instruments blend well. I really hope that we could make it to the top 3. Insya Allah. Jomlah doakan kitorang supaya berjaya. Amin...

Jya ne!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sure or not..??

Cuba teka hari ni nak cakap pasal apa.. Cuba le teka. Sekali je. Tak nak? Sekali je. Teka la. Wok aloh..suruh teka pun malas. Ni lah.. macam mana nak maju? Cheh..

Actually something really unbelievable happened today. As i wrote in earlier posts, i represented the company in an interfactory Nasyid competition. Cerita pasal nasyid interfactory la hari ni eh..

Woke up early in the morning to have my subuh prayers, but after that i have to go straight to have my shower. And it is Sunday. While everyone is still curling up in their beds, i have to get ready for the competition. Sejuknya ya ampun.. dah la malam tadi hujan. After breakfast (my mama made me fried kuey teow) i drove to my office. Reach my office at 7.15 and looks like everyone is ready. Gathered all the things (kompang, tamborine, maracas) and of we go to Masjid Al-Azim.

Were the first to arive. And the rest of the other participants arrived about an hour later than us. Kalau tahu tadi tido dulu kat rumah pun sempat. And the worse part is, we were the second last to perform. Sikit la punya lambat. We eventually performed at around 1.00 o'clock. There goes my sunday. My precious sunday. *teruk seh, nampak sangat kuat tido*

So what is it actually that i am not sure of? I can really understand everything. The flow of the competition, the everything but not the results. Its not that i dont understand the results, but i cant believe it. How about this:

For the very first time in 6 years of Interfactory Nasyid, Cubic is in the FINALS..!!!!!!!!!

The finals man. And we are going to sing again this saturday in front of a bigger crowd as today is just the prelims. Finals beb. Macam tak percaya. Voices of The Hearts are in the finals... you go guys..

Apa pun, we still have to work so very hard to get to the top 3. The current standings, we are fourth behind National Semicon and Infineons. So VoTH, All the best for the finals *should also include myself

Jya ne!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Anuar Zain vs Mawi

Today is meeting day. Started in the morning at 10 with ET until lunch. Ha...lapar tau tak sebab tak makan sampai lunch. And i skipped lunch as i have to train for my nasyid. After lunch is review of EHS manual. Then its bawak-bawak jalan tour guides for next week visitors from Singapore. Tour guide pun nak kena ajar jalan. Hisy..Terus sampai malam baru la makan. My mama masak nasi lemak and ayam goreng. Yum, yum..

Tapi.. Apa kena mengena anak Pak Zain dgn Mawi ni? By the way the meeting with ET this morning was about Cubic's annual dinner. As usual la, as an employee in Company Affair dept, i am appointed to be the committee member secara paksarela. And the best part was, i have to take care of entertainment.. Haa, betul la tu..

So this year it will be either Anuar Zain or Mawi performing for Cubic. Yeah right..with Sarimah as the host. Meriah beb..But i think Anuar Zain will be it la. Tengok muka masing-masing bila sebut nama Mawi je..ek eleh, siapa tu? So cross your fingers guys, Sept 18 2005, Anuar Zain will be coming to Cubic.

What was the date again?...? Sept 18.. Ah.. i dont care. Anuar Zain ke Mawi ke Sarimah ke, i will be out of the office at that time. Spending my time with the princess of my heart, far away in London. Hey baby, i'll be there in 22 days.. hopefully by then i can get rid of my bcough and running nose...

Five days. And my running nose is still here with me. Although it is now jogging not sprinting, but still it's irritating. Really can't stand it now. Especially when the nasyid competition is just around the corner. Yeah, it's this Sunday at masjid Al Azim. Tension seh, takleh nak keluar suara langsung. Sengau lagi ada. Arghhhh..!!!!

Tak pe kot..Actually i dont put any hope to go to the finals. Just go out there and have some fun. That is what i need now. Perhaps the last time with my friends in Cubic before i really leave them all. Apa ni? Hehhe..Macam real je kan.

Jya ne!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Kejayaan, Kecemerlangan, Keterbilangan..

It is here again. The coughing season. Penat sey, batuk ni. It affects the lungs and breathing system. And it gets worse while i was in KL this morning. Spending the day in kl with haze makes me sick. And now i have to take the cough syrup.

I was in KL today. Kan adik kan. We had breakfast at Mc Donalds, and looked for Durian Belanda (what ever hey call it in English) and did some spongebob shopping.. hehhe..Actually, my sole intention was to give shikin a surprise during her convocation which was Sunday morning (hari semalam la). But, it turned out that tak sempat nak jumpa. They have like 1040 students in one session. And the session completed like after 1040 students recieved their scroll. Huh..!!?*#..Why on earth didn't you stuff in all 7000 in one session? Punyalah lama tunggu. And in the end i went back after sending adik to Sunway Pyramids. And as per normal, i pay my father a visit and went back home without even having a sight of shikin in her robe. *i'm sorry* But i really hope that u liked the roses.

Talking about convocation, Amin's convo is coming in Monday. Amin will be honoured with a Diploma in Instrumentation and Control or Diploma Jangkawas dan Kawalan. I hope i got instrumentation right this time. Anyway, to Amin and Shikin..

Happy convocation..

Jya ne!

Friday, August 12, 2005


What a day. It started today when i cant sleep after my sahur. I had coffee after sahur which makes my eyes wide open although its 5 o clock in the morning. So, apa nak buat kan, lepas subuh baru la dapat lelap balik. And the result:

*drumroll* big black ring around my eyes. Sebijik macam orang kena tumbuk.

By the way i came back almost 1 o'clock in the morning. Went bowling with Amin, Mail, Zam and Kak Yati not forgetting my charging cousin. Sleep late, cannot sleep some more, aiyoh.. at 11 a.m i am yawning and my mouth is as big as batu caves..

To make things worse, i got to go into a meeting on Social Accountability. Basically we are trying to follow SA8000 International Standards as guide to upgrade our global citizenship management system. How does that sounds? So sorry Jenny. I really cant concentrate on the PDCA cycle today. Maybe next time.

Moral of the story: Jangan minum nescafe masa sahur..!!

Then, everything went as per normal until breaking fast time. We had our prayers, Yaasin and tahlil as per normal days. But today, the whole family from Telok Mas and also ayah's cousin from Singapore, Mak Long Sal came and join us. So we had more company especially when whole pak teh and mak lang's family is around. GAMAT..!!!

But now, i think its really time for me to go to sleep. Got to prepare a few things though as tomorrow i'll be presenting a training for my safety committee. GO EHS.. and also have to get stamina for my kawad kaki. Arghhhh..!!!!!!!!!

Jya ne!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Time to say goodbye...

If i remember clearly, time to say goodbye was by Andrea Borcelli. WHy do we have to say goodbye? WHy can't we just say.. See you later.. or See you soon.. or at least.. See you.. Why must the word goodbye be invented. Its is so very unfair...!!

I never like to say goodbye. I do not want to reminisce any bit of goodbye that i said to the best, most wonderful man of my life now. Na ah... not this moment..

Well, today will be the last day that i am using this laptop to blog. Thanx to Mas and Abg Limy, i am going to use my new laptop to blog. I think it'll take some time for me to blog again.. Konon nya sedih la nak lepaskan laptop yang dah selalu pakai ni...

Nope.. Not me.. What ever happens, life goes on..!!! C'est la vie..

Hahha..cerita pasal computer baru pun boleh jadi bahan blog. Anyway, i am going off to bed now. After Isya', i'll call it a day. Too much data analysis makes me dizzy.. Yeah Jenny..makes me dizzy.. *yawn*

jya ne

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Aduhai Saliha........

Kau biarkan aku sendiri menderita susah racun hidupku saliha
Kau biarkan aku sendiri melewati sepi dalam diriku saliha
Kau biarkan aku sendiri meratapi nasib dalam gelita saliha

Ooooo Saliha...

Short and sweet for tonight...

Jya ne!


Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 12:40 pagi. Wah, wah, wah.. ngantuknya. After coming back from marching training this evening, i dont think i can even lift a finger. Am very tired with 3 different training in one day (ISO14001 training, nasyid training and marching). This is all AF punya hal. Nak tengok finals la konon. A final full of conspiracy.

They say, it was a finals full of conspiracy. Kenapa Mawi nak kena menang? Tak ada bakat, tak ada suara, tempo lari, pitching cuai.. tapi menang..?!*#!

I dont care.. Tapi apa pun, i do think Mawi did his best in the finals. Seroja, which i think pernah dinyanyikan oleh kumpulan nasyid Al Mizan/Al Jawaher, was the time when Mawi really nailed everything. With National Choir backing him up..(perasan tak baju Aznil sepasang dgn koir tu) there was no better voice projection than Mawi during the finals. Like i know weverything in vocals la pulak..Next time i will be the pengkritik tetap. Kudsia pun dah resign.. so its my turn.. Move aside..Second song was not so bad. New song from M Nasir. Ada rap babe. It is not about how good Mawi rapped.. but M Nasir and rapping...Boleh la kot?

Dah mula dah nak mengarut. Mengantuk sesangat sebenarnya.

Apa pun, memang rezeki Mawi untuk menang besar, sapu bersih semua award yang ada. Tak payahla dengki. Siapa pun yang menang, aku bukan dapat apa pun..hehhe..

Jya ne!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Ok.. as promised, today i will start blogging. Tak nak pulak nanti di kata mungkir janji ke apa kan.. But this is already 1 15 in the morning..who cares..

Well, today is Friday..nananana technically its Saturday. So its a weekend and no work. U think? Nama je hujung minggu masa untuk berehat dari segala kerja. But my thight schedule for tomorrow includes:
  1. Training session which starts at 10.. Nasib baik, so i can wake a bit later than usual *wink*. Yakin sangat..
  2. Lunch or no lunch will depend on the availability of time.
  3. Costume hunt for my nasyid team.. and nasyid..hehhe
  4. Meeting Nazim from THR.. nak ushar instrument for the nasyid.. again.. Duh..
  5. Nasyid Practise at 3.. Triple DUH
  6. Marching training at 5.. Its for the National Day Parade..

Cukup la setakat tu..And i have cleared everything for the evening session.. Nothing except for the FINALS...GO MAWI !!!!!!!!! Fanatik seh

Actually i am very tired already la. Had my first marching training session in 6 or 7 years. The last time i marched was in form 5 when i played brass band for my school. Yeah right.. brass band. And it was very confusing. Tukar langkah.. check, up.. Tukar langkah.. check, up..Like the people on stage really care if we want to tukar langkah or not...!*#?! Ikutkan hati memang malas, but i escaped the whole nightmare last year, so i was forced paksarela to be in the team this year..Kak Gee, jangan marah aaah..

Need to catch some sleep now. I think i made more than 20 spelling errors already. So enough of that..

See ya!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Here goes...

At last... my own blog space for me to blog. But where do i start...Hmm.. Mana ye..?

I think i will start tomorrow. I have had enough for today. Wow, is this how blogging works? Pretty cool huh..!!

But, really i will start fresh tomorrow. My eyes are just too thirsty...

See ya!