Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ethylene Glycol

Anyone who reads this, who knows about Ethelene Glycol.. Please let me know. I would want to have a discussion on this.


Please, i am dying of hunger...

Boo ya..!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It Is HE..

I can't really write anything now.

It is he who shared my tears and laughter, it is he who shared my joy and fear;
It is he who i bowled with, it is he who i went shopping with, it is he who i fought with;
It is he who i shared my life with.

I will never forget what happened one year back. On this date, my father was taken away peacefully on Pantai's bed at 12.15 in the afternoon.

Can't believe it has been one year since i last heard his voice, since i last kissed his forehead and since i last said goodbye.

Ayah, I love you and i will always do...Al-Fatihah

Picture by X0ra

Monday, June 19, 2006

What Happened

What actually happened here..??

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I'm blogging again.

Well this time it's on food. Memang betul kata chitee kat blog ni banyak cerita pasal makanan kan. And today we're talking about food again. I love food. I eat. Yeah, who doesn't. Tapi sekarang cam susah nak makan. Don't wanna brag with my 29" waist now. Tapi cam bangga pun ada. I can now see some lines which i can't see when i was bigger. More defined shape.. Now, now... let's not get carried away with that shall we.

Lets talk about FOOD..Those i ate in the last few weeks.

For those regulars at Secret Recipe, this thing needs no introduction. Chicken pie. Nice tau benda ni. Nampak je macam kecil tapi memang susah nak habiskan. Yeah, maybe it's because i'm a small eater. I don't quite enjoy the cheesecakes, so i guess i'm giving a switch to savoury dishes at Secret Recipe.

What is this? Krispy Kreme's strawberry and cream glazed donut. Sempena dengan Dunia Cawan yang berlangsung di German sekarang, telah dicopkan diatas donut itu jersi bagi pasukan England. Yeah, this is in fact the bestest best doughnut that i've ever tasted. My mum brought it back from London. Kripy Kreme's donuts are the best..!!

Ni apa lak neh..This is no doughnut my friend. This is what u call bagel. Jaga-jaga ye kawan-kawan jangan tersalah sebut nanti jadi sesuatu yang tidak diingini. Bagel tau. According to my sister, this is everything bagel. Why they call it everything bagel.. because on top of the bagel, there is everything. Duh...If i am not mistaken bagels are Jewish food. Ye kot. But who cares.

Lets look at something different. McDonald's latest burger. Beef foldover. Memang nice. Tastes like kebab. It might be nicer without the cheese. But, it's ok. Something new from McDonald's i should say which is much better that their chicken grilled foldover.

Hmm.. Food..

I can never get enuff of them. BTW, i'll be leaving for Kuantan and Kemaman again. Let's see what does Kemaman has to offer this time...

Boo ya..!!