Sunday, January 29, 2006

Busy Weekend

Saturday, 28th January 2006

As i mentioned in yesterdays entry, today i am going to Mak Lang's house. She invited us all to her house warming kenduri today. So off we went to Teluk Mas early in the morning. Had brekkie (nasi lemak and air mata kucing) at nenek's house. Then it was time to arrange all the tables and chairs for the kenduri.

People from the masjid came at noon. We read the Yaasin and recited the tahlil and after that was makan time (Ilyas called it nasi time). Actually i didn't makan until it was quite late. Tu pun sebab nak gi ambil adik kat Melaka Sentral. If not because of that, i would still not eat. No wonder Hanizam kata aku dah kurus. But, i dont care much. My eating appetite seems fading away. Nak buat camana. nak kena makan weight gain kot...

Lepak kat rumah maklang sampai maghrib. After that, i went to Pak Ngah Hussin's house. The one and only uncle left from my paternal side. He organised another kenduri which was cukur jambul for Intan's son. Didn't stay long over there. Lepak sampai 9.30 je. I was so damn tired. But it was there i learnt about the history of my kampung which i bet not many people knew about it. How Telok Mas got it's name. Maybe i am not sharing with you now. Later la. But there's a pantun describing Teluk Mas created by my great grandfather's cousin *huh..!!*

Teluk Mas Pantai Ketapang,
Anak ketam berjari-jari,
Hilang emas ke kedai tukang,
Hilang kasih mana nak cari...?

Sunday, 29th January 2006

Kong Xi Fa Chai..
Happy Chinese New Year to all..

It was a great sunny day. And the day started early as well. Went to watch Futsal Inter department at Ayer Keroh sports centre. Support Jam and the gang la beb. Jamsari, Kimi, Errol, Saiful, Zuzana, Ain and another girl i cant remember her name. They played well. Tapi tak ada rezeki when they went down to PCBA store guys. Hmm..better luck next time. Apa pun aku tetap sokong korang tau.

Afternoon. Went to some places visiting family friends celebrating chinese new year with them. Best woo dapat ang pow. And there goes my whole afternoon. Ingat nak rilek jap boleh la tido-tido. Tak ada. Balik rumah layan thundercats. THUNDERCATS ada kat tv. Macam tak caya...

Went to Suhaizal's place that night. Anak dia pulak buat akikah and cukur jambul. Here is a picture of me and Balqis, Suhaizal's doughter. Cute huh.. Siap pakai cheongsam sempena chinese new year.

Balqis: May all the best things come your way..

Jya ne!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Busy Friday


The day started early today. Woke up early as i am going to a case hearing. Ada urusan dengan timbalan pendaftar at mahkamah melaka untuk kes estate arwah ayah. Arrived at the court at around 8.15 in the morning. Janji dgn Abg Har our lawyer pukul 8.30. So we have a little bit of time before we met him. When we finally met him 5 minutes later, we were still very early. He led us to the hearing room but first we had to wait at the waiting area.

10.15 a.m. finally it was our turn to see the timbalan pendaftar of the court. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Thanx to Abg Har. Respek seh. Tak dapat jadi lawyer tapi dapat tenhgok lawyer pun jadi lah. He is good.

After the hearing we went out for early lunch. I am really hungry. Pagi tu memang tak makan pun. I can't really take that early breakfast. If it was around 8.30 then it should be ok with me la. We had a whole bird of hot peri-peri chicken at Nandos.

After lunch we headed to Melaka Raya to take the cakes for our 2 family friends who will be celebrating Chinese New Year. But the jam was like hell. Not that i've been to hell or planning to go there, but it is so bad. It took me one and a half hours to arrive home from Melaka Raya which usually takes me about 25 minutes. Nyaris tak dapat solat Jumaat.

After Friday prayers, we (me and my mama) went back to Telok Mas. Tomorrow, mak lang is having a housewarming party. Just being there nak tolong-tolong. kalau tak tolong buat kerja pun, tolong buat bodoh. Was there until 9.30 at night, but i think that is more than enuff for today. I am superbly tired. Have to wake up early again tomorrow. It is mak lang's housewarming remember..

Jya ne!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not So Good Lah..

Gerak Khas is on telly. Malas lak nak layan. I don't know but today is not quite my day.

The day started very bad with a stomach ache. Had to go to the gents for a couple of times. Until at last i went to the medical centre to get some magnesium trisilicate for my stomach. First tablet. Makin sakit. And it is not diarrhea. Ni sakit jenis sakit punya sakit. I can't even concentrate on my training materials i am preparing for the fellow auditors. Tension betul..

Second tablet comes in. Mak ai.. rasa cam nak pengsan tahan sakit. Apa lagi nak buat neh. Sick bay is not available today. We are having a blood drive in Cubic today. So both sick bays are occupied. They are using it for breast checking and pap smear tests. Tak boleh nak lepak kat sick bay. So i just put my head on my desk. Orang nak kata apa kata lah. Sakit nak mampos. Korang apa tau.

Lunch time. Keluar gak dgn Jam, Naz and Kimi. Had small lunch today. Takut perut meragam lagi. Petang nak kena bertugas kat blood drive nak kena jaga kaunter pendaftaran. Sebelum balik office i went to 7Eleven to get a bottle of 100Plus. They say it is good for sakit perut. Ye ke?

Reached the office around 1.55 and comes in the third tablet. Alhamdulillah. Sampai petang dah tak ada sakit lagi. Beli je 100Plus tapi tak minum pun. But, i still try not to take any hot and spicy food for the time being. Nak bagi perut stabil dulu.

Grey's anatomy dah nak start ni. Nak gi layan jap. Ni layan Aleeq la ni sampai tak nampak dah pukul berapa. Anyway, thanx for the things that you shared with me. Dah.. dah.. Meredith is calling..

Jya ne!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What Happened?

What actually happened to me for the past few days or even weeks i should say. It has been a long time since i last blogged.

It's not that i have been very busy with life and work and all sorts of things. I am doing everything as per normal. Go to work in the morning, come back at 7.00 and do my routine things. Yeah, what is so busy about that. Maybe, i just don't feel like blogging yet. Or maybe it's because my fellow bloggers tHEd, xOra, and AntiX pun tak update their blogs. Hehhe. That includes my cute niece Leelwan.

Ni lah orang kata iman suasana. Tak istiqamah langsung. But i can't help it. Rasa macam bleghhh... =P

Mungkin jugak sebab i have not been so stable emotionally lately. I've spent a lot of time thinking. Thought of my life i guess. Betul ke? Tapi yang pentingnya aku terlalu banyak berfikir untuk menentukan masa depan hidup aku sendiri. Aku harap keputusan yang telah aku buat adalah keputusan yang terbaik dan aku akan dapat kebahagiaan daripada keputusan tu.

We will never know what will happen in the future. Only Allah knows. The way i see it, i will go for it. Yeah guys, i'll be leaving Cubic Electronics in Melaka to go and work for Libra Perfex Precision in Shah Alam. That is my final decision.

Rite now i am listening to S Club 7's Everybody Wants Ya..

I get this feeling as you walk away,
A million hearts will break in two,
But they don't know the games that you can play,
So they will always follow you..

Will they feel this way..?

Jya ne!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I Wish...

Berbumbungkan angkasa kelabu,
Lantainya bumi retak seribu,
Segala langkah perjalananku beronak berliku

Betapa berat mata memandang,
Berat bahu menggalas bebanan,
Belum sempat menitis ke pipi tngisn kering sendiri

Berkali tersungkur,
Pandanganku kabur,
Namun azam meneruskan hidup tak pernah luntur

Engkaulah perwira,
Di medan derita,
Menempuhi ranajau kehidupan dengan harapan

Luahan rasa derita jiwa,
Pada wajah tiada rahsia,
Menunggu malang berganti tuah..usah kau berputus asa...

Why can't i be that strong..? Someone once told me
"In times of difficulty never say 'God, i have big problem' but insted say, 'Hey problem, i have a BIG god'"

How i wish i could handle all things that is thrown my way. How i wish i could clear all obsticles that messes my path. How all the wishes remain as wishes..

Jya ne!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Congratulations Shafie and Nadine

First of January starts with wedding this year. Congratulations to my cousin Abg Shafie and her wife kak Nadine. Bith of them were wed last thursday in Subang Jaya but today is the wedding reception over at the groom's house.

The day started early today. Woke up early to go to Nek Ngah's house. Nak tolong-tolong apa yang patut. Kalau tak tolong pun maybe buat memeriahkan suasana.

The bersanding ceremony started at 1.40. Ten minutes delayed from scheduled. But, it's ok. Everything went well except for mak cu dijadikan pengapit secara bidan terjun. Hehhe. Tak kisahlah kan, yang pentingnya semua berjalan lancar.

This is Shafie and Nadine on the pelamin. Also seen there Ilyas, Siti, Tiara and Hirman. 4 cute little munchkins. Yeah, as i told you in the earlier posts, i was made the pengapit for Abg Shafie as his brother Shukri could not stand the temperature without air-cond. Don't blame him, i cant stand it myself.

A bit of close up with the bride and groom. Untuk abg Shafie dan Kak Nadine, semoga ikatan yang dibina kekal hinga akhir hayat.

This is Ilyas Daniel Harper. Shafie's naphew. Cute, well-mannered, hyper energetic but kata orang kampung buas melangsang which means super-duper-hyper-actively active. But somehow, i am so impressed with his manners. I wish everyone is raised with such proper manners. Saying sorry, thank you, excuse me and please. He is adorable tapi tak tahan sebab kuat menggigit. I was bitten 3 times yesterday. Nasib baik tak tercabut kulit kat tangan ni. Kalau tidak....

The rest of the munchkins. Hirman and Khalis (hope i got the right spelling). They are also Shafie's nephews and as adorable as Ilyas. Kids.. Can't wait to have my own.

Jya ne!