Sunday, November 20, 2005


Such word..?

Takkisahlah kan..Gonna tell you what happened during the weekends. Yesterday and today.

Saturday, 19th Nov 2005
Woke up early for my Subuh prayers and i cant actually sleep after my prayers. Usually i will sleep after my Subuh prayers and if it is a Saturday, i will wake up at 10.00 or 11.00. But today i can't sleep. I am going to JB..!! Yey.. It has been quite some time since i last went to JB. About a year ago although JB and Melaka is just 2 hours drive.

Arrived at Taman Perling to visit mama's cousin. Long lost cousin. We met again on the third day of Eid after about more than 10 years not seeing each other. Actually we are on our way to another relative's house but we are visiting this uncle first. Nak gi beraya. Kalau dah namanya beraya menziarah sanak saudara, tak sah kalau tak makan. They served us with mee kuah. I do not know what kuah tapi ada kerang, daging, telur, tomato, sawi and some more ingrediants that i do not know what they are. Tapi yang penting mee tu makan dgn kuah. We didn't stay long. Looks like it's spitting outside. So we made our move to Taman Sri Pulai to attend a wedding reception. My second cousin is getting married.

So we went there and attended their reception. Spent some time at their place before going to our next stop, Taman Datuk Sulaiman Menteri in Teberau. To Mak Ngah, Tahniah sebab terima menantu. To my second cousin, Mohd Fahrulrazi bin Baharudin, Congratulations.

We went there to visit Nenek Salmah. Kesian sangat tengok dia. She has been suffering for the last 5 years i guess of stroke. She can't do much now, yeah, thinking again she is almost 85 now. But still, i pity her. Semoga Allah mengurangkan beban yang ditanggung.

We didn't stay long at Sulaiman Menteri. We moved to BBU, my hometown to visit Pak Cik Malik, Cik Nor and their kids (or should i call them the hooligans). Lepak kat rumah diorang lama sket. Bukan apa, dari satu rumah ke satu rumah asyik makan je. Ni lah Melayu. Tak makan kata sombong. Kalau makan banyak.. mak jugak yang sakit. Sakit tau perut. Mee kuah, nasi minyak, roti dgn kuah daging and now mee kuah versi mak cik Nor. Oh My..Lepak dulu lah sebelum makan. After makan, i played PS with Aiman and Idin, wonderful boys. They are adoreable and cute. Tapi nakal MasyaAllah. Tak boleh tahan. Hoping that i can stay longer but its getting darker and mama has never drove at night. This is because i am staying back in JB with my friends in UTM while mama and angah will go back to Melaka. *i'll update later on what happened Saturday night*

Sunday, 20th Nov 2005
Woke up early today. Dah janji dgn mama nak balik awal. Tapi bangun awal pun Apis dah tengah study. Kesian dia, tido kat bawah malam tadi. Aku pun tak sedar bila aku tertido sampai dia kena tido bawah. Sorry yar *grin*

Didi took me to Taman Sri Putri to send me back by bus. We had roti banjir and nescafe before i took my bus at 10.00. Usually at this time, baru nak bangun berlingkar lagi atas katil. Hehhe. It is Sunday for heavens sake.

That is my weekend. Termasuk ada satu lagi entry for what happened Saturday night.

Apa yang losted nye..?
Hehhe. JB has changed a lot since i left it 3 years ago. Imagine, in 3 years, i can not even remember how to go to Extra. Dulu punyalah Extra tu gi memain every weekend. Sesat sampai tah kemana. Luckily i saw a sign to Jalan Datin Halimah. Kalau tak memang tak sampai la Teberau. Actually i can go there via Kebun Teh as well or perhaps Holiday Plaza tapi nak jugak cari jalan sesat. Losted betul kat JB. And i say i am a Johorean..? Who cares, i am a Johorean.

Jya Ne!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

One More Down

You meet people everyday. Most of them will just pass by. Some may look and smile. Some may just ignore. Some may say HI. Maybe one or two will touch your heart. If you are lucky, you will meet someone who will change your life..!!

Well, i am not that lucky yet. At least not the kind who has met someone who changed my whole life. But i AM lucky as i am surrounded by a whole bunch of good friends. Nice people in Cubic, great friends from school times and wonderful friends from Uni. Well, there are also some so called "friends". Just let them be. Those "tikam belakang" friends, "pengampu" friends, and the worst is "bermuka-muka" friends. I call this three cats "pergi mampos friends".But i am not going to talk about these people. It's about something else.

One of my good friend is leaving today. Well, yesterday was his last day as a Cubican. He is free at last from Cubic. Is that good or bad for him? I just dont know. Like i have posted before, Good or Bad..Hard to say.

But at least, Zul pergi jugak untuk tinggalkan Cubic untuk meneruskan usaha mencari pengalaman hidup merantau di tempat orang. I like what he said. Although he is not the kind who has a double degree or an MBA but he thinks differently from other people. Maybe it was from the way he was brought up by his father.

*Aku rasa aku perlu keluar dari stay kat Cubic. Bukan dapat apa pun. Sekurang-kurangnya aku mencuba benda yang baru. Selagi muda ni, kita cuba apa yang kita rasa kita nak buat atau nak jadi. Jadi apa yang kita nak jadi. Kalau kita dah usaha tapi tak jadi, itu bukan rezeki. Tapi kalau tak usaha dan tak jadi..*

It is left with a question mark anyway. A BIG one.

Where is this heading anyway...?

Apa pun, BinTaib as what i always called him, all the best for your new life in Kuala Kangsar.

The Hari Raya Committee having lunch at Tiara Golf Resort. Appreciation meal as being committed as a committee and also Zul's farewell from the committee.

Jya Ne!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I just came back from KL. Bertolak gi KL semalam pukul 1 tegahari. Planned to meet my classmate from MRSM who is getting married next week. Elma Ratna Kartini bt Kasro. The eighth to get married from my class, Nuruddin al-Raniri.

The reason why i went to KL was because i needed to see her. Not that i wanted to stop the wedding or what, but i just want to meet her and see if she is ok before her wedding day on the 19th of Nev 2005. Dahala kawan baik. One of the best i guess. Tak dapat pulak g wedding reception kat Ipoh. Well, i surely can't make it to her wedding as one of my relatives are also getting married on the same day. Satu kat Johor Bahru satu lagi kat Ipoh. Well, Elma i am really sorry that i can't attend your reception. Really am. But, i really hope u liked what i got for you. It is something really useful and will come in handy one day. I know it will as brother received one as well on his wedding. Kalau tak silap abg Amy bagi. You wanna know what that is..?

It's for me to know and for you to find out.

Anyway, aku doakan semoga ko bahagia hidup sampai akhir hayat. InsyaAllah.

I woke up a bit late. Around 10.30. hehhe. Janji dgn AntiX nak gi rumah dia pukul 11pagi. Memang lawak betul. 30 minutes mana nak sampai dari KL ke PJ. So i sms him back saying i'll be arriving at noon.

Sampai jugak kat rumah Beg. Thank you so much for inviting, for having me and for the lunch. InsyaAllah, i'll bring my mother to your house one day. Really am tired now and sleepy too. Dah terbayang macam mana esok kat office. nampak dengan jelas sekali. Baik tido sekarang sebelum esok tido depan pc.

Jya ne!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Karnival Cahaya Lebaran

So, this is it. The thing that i have been working for with my other 9 friends. Karnival Cahaya Lebaran 2005. A joint celebration for Eid and Diwali this year. The idea came from my collegue Saroja that this year, instead of invitng school children to sing and dance and giving the employees doorgifts, we will organise a mini carnival for all employees of Cubic Electronics.

We distributed 6 coupons worth RM6 to all 2780 employees and they are free to choose any food or drinks to be exchanged at the carnival which will be held for 3 days. Well, they can still always buy additional food using their own money, but those which are sponsored by the company are just the RM6. Lain tanggung sendiri la.

It was the first time Hari Raya and Deepavali is celebrated this way in Cubic. So i am very suprised to see the crowd on the first day which is today. Ramai sangat orang sampaikan tak terlayan. First reason being, tak pernah buat karnival macam ni. Second reason was FREE FOOD from the manaagement. Mana tak penuh tapak karnival. The weather is very good to us. The shine is shining brightly. Lagi lah senang orang nak datang. Pemutusnya belum pun pukul 1.00 tengahari, everything is sold out.

Tak sempat nak makan apa-apa. Tapi takpe sebab esok ada lagi. Sampai Jumaat.

These are the committee members for Hari Raya Celebration. Standing from left: Noraini, Kak Sofa, Zuhaizan, Kak Aemei and Wawa. Sitting from left: Suhaizal, ME and Zulkifli. (Everyone needs to practise how to smile). Sebenarnya bukan tak nak senyum. This picture is taken at 3.00 o'clock after the carnival. Dah penat sangat. Badan dah melekit. Tapi nak jugak satu gambar untuk album. See the theme this year..RED..!!!

This is another picture of us.

This picture is not taken at the carnival area. Panas beb. This is in our lobby. Still have some hari Raya Deco. See there. Ketupat, panjut and pelita. hehhe..sikit je tinggal.

Two days to go still...

Jya ne!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Puteh Binti Ngah Dalam Kenangan

Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarhamah Puteh binti Ngah yang kembali ke rahmatullah pada pagi ini 5 November 2005 bersamaan 3 Syawal. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh beliau dan agar ditempatkan bersama-sama roh para solihin. Amin.

I drove back to Padang Sebang this morning after receiving the news that my grandautie passed away this morning. Puteh binti Ngah, or usually being addressed as Nek Busu Ateh (i didn't know her name until today) passed away peacefully on her bed at 5.30 in the morning.

Although we were never close as she is just my grandauntie, but there were some memories that i have of her. I can still remember, since i was small until 2 years back, i will go and visit her and her husband on third day of Eid. This has been a normal practise for us (me and my family) and them. She will cook for us masak lemak cili padi daging salai, sometimes she will put in belimbing buluh or binjai. Surely i will miss that as i think she makes one of the best masak lemak cili padi daging salai. But, those were memories that i will keep. Memories with Nek Busu Ateh inside.

May peace be on you.

Jya ne!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Story of Eid

First day of Eid, 3rd Nov 2005

I woke up early in the morning at about 5.45 a.m. Had my Subuh prayers with my mama and had 'takbir' with her. I behaved well, trying so hard not to show my sorrows during 'takbir'. Usually, we had this together with my father and the whole family. But this year, it was only my mother and me.

After Subuh prayers, we went back to Telok Mas to visit my father's grave. Something new this Eid as this year we were left alone to celebrate Eid when my father passed away in June.

After that was Eid prayers. I had it at Telok Mas as well. Takut tak sempat nak balik Air Keroh. So i had the prayers with everyone in the pictures below.

This is some of my cousins. Yeah, most of my cousins are boys. This is the only picture i took this Eid. And intentionally to place it in this blog. Kalau tak memang tak ambil pun. After all, i do not have much time. Have to rush back to Ayer Keroh as some friends are coming over to visit us.

Later in the afternoon, Mark and Theresa came to visit us. Followed by Jenny, Shirrene & Shaun and family, Mr & Mrs Young, Dato' and Datin Goh. All from Cubic. Thanx all. When the Cubic company is about to leave my house, the whole Long Jaafar's family came. Ramai tu. Mak Ngah, Mak Ude, Mak Teh, Pak Cik semua ada. Tak larat betul nak layan semua. But the first day did not end there. Later that night, still a lot of people came to visit us. Relatives and all..The day ended pretty late. But, the next day we are planning to visit my grandauntie who is not very well. She is suffering from liver disfunction. Late night today..early day tomorrow..

Second day of Eid, 4th Nov 2005

Woke up at about 8 a.m and get ready to go back to Padang Sebang, my great grandmother's kampung. We ae going to visit Nek Busu Ateh, my grandmother's sister who is not very well. Her liver is not functioning well and so is the colon. Have not met her for quite some time. The last time we met was in July. But this time when we met, she can't even recognise me. Even worse, i don't recognise her at all. She was there on her bed, lying in pain. She is nothing but skins and bones. I pity her so much. Hanya dapat doa semoga dia tak menderita menahan sakit.

Went back to Air Keroh before Friday prayers. Nothing much happened today except for later in the evening. My mum's cousin came to visit and they went back at about 11.00. Tengoklah gambar ka bawah ni. Ramai tak ramai. Alhamdulillah, orang kata kalau org datang tu maksudnya bawak rezeki.

After they all went back, i went out to see a friend of mine. Lepak-lepak tengok bandar Melaka waktu malam. Reached home at 2.00 a.m. Mengantuk ni..

Jya ne!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eid Mubarak

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