Monday, October 31, 2005


Arghhh... Memang macam lost sebab ada sambungan. Dah lah semalam terperangkap kat dalam bilik tak boleh keluar untuk sahur. And today i was stuck in the lift at the office. Was on my way to the third floor (my office) from Suhaizal's office at first floor. Malas nak naik tangga so i took the lift when suddenly the lift goes straight down to ground floor and stopped. The lights even went off and the ventillation fan quit functioning. Oh..My... Don't tell me its the second trapped incident in 2 days time.

Luckily i have my phone with me. So i called upon the reception so that they could call the facility technicians to fix the problem. Before that i pressed the emergency button, and no one could bother. No one at control room ever bother to answer my call. F**k them all.

And as the list of cursing goes on, i used my position as the company's auditor to audit facility on their inspection and maintenance records. hehhe.. Don't mess with me. Walaupun aku tak ada kakak ipar sebagai vice manager (whatever that means) i can mess around even i am on my own. Bila lah episod terperangkap ni akan selesai.. Jangan lepas ni terperangkap dalam cinta sudah.. Hahhahaha..bayar nazar weh..

Jya ne!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Sounds like LOST. But basically i am not lost. Not yet. But something teribble really happened to me today. Well, this is what happened earlier this morning.

Well, usually around 4.30 in the morning, my mother or sister will wake me up for sehri. And this morning they woke me up at the usual time. I woke up lazily. Trying so hard to stay awake. Walking to my bedroom door. Struggling to walk and when i reached the door (which was just a few steps from my bed), i can't open the door. Just then i was so awake. Siapalah yang nak buat lawak pagi-pagi buta ni. But tell you what, this is no joke.

So, nak dijadikan cerita pintu bilik tu tak boleh buka. So, what did i do. Tried opening the door knob using screwdriver. Buka memang la boleh. Tapi setakat buka skrew je lah. The rest, i must tell you i am hopeless. So, what my mother did, she gave me my sehri through my bedroom's window. Together with a glass of plain water and a mug of hot chocolate. Rasa macam dalam tahanan sey..*sigh* Subuh pun tak buat. Nampaknya, kenalah subuh lepas dah boleh keluar nanti.

So around 8++ my mother called upon some guy to open the door knob. It was really a tough one. He managed to crack the knob using a hammer. Wanna see what happened to the knob?

Betul tak tipu. Apek tu ketuk pakai hammer baru boleh buka tau. Well, at last i am free. At around 9.30 i guess. At least i know what is it like not to be free. So everyone, do not commit suicide..!! eh, salah. Stay out of crime scene. Apa-apa je lah. Yang penting, buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan buat langsung..

Jya ne!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

C'est la vie

See that picture there. We (myself and the Hari Raya AidilFitri Committee) went shopping. Yeah, shopping during working hour at Mahkota Parade. As usual, i am in the committee for Hari Raya AidilFitri celebration. And this year for the second year running, i am the chairman of the committee. This year's committee comprises of 11 people. Myself as the chairman, Noraini as vice chairman, Suhaizal as secretary and the rest here are the members. Kak Sofa, Kak Aemei, Zuhaizan, Iskandar, Khairunnazwa, Lornah,Izah and BinTaib.

Normally what do we do.. For Hari Raya committee actually we have 2 events to organise. First is the plantwide celebration of Hari Raya which will be later in Novembver and the second event is Majlis Berbuka Puasa and donations to orphans and single mothers. 50 orphans and single mothers were selected from nearby villages. As for the orphans, the committee members will take them shopping for 'baju raya' while some cash were given to the single mothers. At least to share with them something while celebrating AidilFitr.

Well, the above picture is taken in the bus while waiting for the rest of the whole lot to return to the bus. See all the smiling faces of the young ones and their mothers, enjoying themselves buying clothes and shoes for Hari Raya.

Kalau nak fikirkan, this year i myself will celebrate AidilFitr without my beloved father around. I don't think i have the heart to celebrate AidilFitr this year. Hari Raya to me this year is just a day to note my completion of fasting. Nothing more than that. I tried so hard to be excited to celebrate Hari Raya, but the feeling just won't come. Maybe, Beg is right. I just need some time or something or perhaps someone to make my Raya a meaningful Raya again. But, for now just let it be that way.

Makin dekat nak raya, makin selalu acik ingat pada ayah. Tak pernah sehari pun dalam hidup yang acik tak ingat pada ayah. Ayah, i miss you so much. I miss the laughter we shared, the joke you created, the fights we used to have and most of all..the game we used to bowl together. I know you know how much i love you.

But, that is life. Fate that we can't change. It is called Qada' and Qadar.

Jya ne!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Buka Puasa and Birthday Celebration

Hi there all.. It has been one week i guess since i last update this. Dah lama gak tu. Was very busy with a lot of training. From being a trainer for Aspect/Hazard Identification Training to being a participant for Quality Service Training. Plus all the updating of revised procedure, i don't have much time left to update my blog.

But at least, hari ni dapat jugak la membuat beberapa perkara terhadap blog ini. First of all, i have inserted a chat box for everyone to use. Mind you, this chat box is for all. So i expect no one to use any obscene language there..!! hehe, amaran tu.. but, feel free to use it.

Ha.. nak update sket lagi. Had a buka puasa at kak Gee's house yesterday. Thank you kak Gee for inviting us to your house. I went there with Nazri. Picked him up at Paya Dalam and off we went to her house. Arrived there at about 6.45 which is just a bout 13 minutes before buka puasa. After us was kak Dzarifah and her family followed by Abidul and Adam.

Banyak jugak yang Kak Gee masak untuk kitorang. We had nasi lemak, ikan bakar, ayam goreng, rojak, and masak asam ikan. Other than that, we also had chocalate cake. Eh, kenapa lak eh ada kek hari ni.. Oooooo, serious i never knew that it was her birthday. Tak senonoh betul kan kitorang. So kak Gee, slemat ulangtahun yang ke xx *tak tahu yang keberapa* apa pun, semoga kak gee terus dimurahkan rezeki dan sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah.

After solatul Maghrib, Nany arrived together with her boyfriend, Zul and her girlfriend and some other people who i dont recognize. But i think they are all kak Gee's subordinates. ramai sangat, tak kenal..

We headed back after that at around 9.00 o clock. Thanx so much Kak Gee. Nanti ada masa, ada rezeki ajakla kitorang datang lagi eh... *wink*

I am still waiting for the pictures taken last night to be posted to me. Nazri, jangan lambat tau. nanti aku nak upload dalam blog aku..

Jya ne!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Good or Bad, hard to say!

Mind the English. I copied from an e mail sent to me by a friend.

Once upon a time, there was a king. The king liked one of his
followers very much because he was very wise and always gave very
useful advice. Therefore the king took him along wherever he went.

One day, the king was bitten by a dog, the finger was injured and the
wound was getting worse.

He asked the follower if that was a bad sign. The follower said, Good
or bad, hard to say'. In the end, the finger of the king was too bad
that had to be cut.

The king asked the follower again if that was a bad sign.

Again, the follower gave the same answer, 'Good or bad, hard to say'.

The king became very angry and sent the follower to prison.

One day, the king went hunting in the jungle. He got excited when he
was on the chase of a deer. Deeper and deeper he went inside the
jungle. In the end he found himself lost in the jungle. To make thing
worse, he got captured by the native people lived inside the jungle.

They wanted to sacrifice him to their god. But when they noticed that
the king had one finger short, they released him immediately as he
was not a perfect man anymore and not suitable for sacrifice. The
king managed to get back to his palace after all. And he finally
understood the follower's wise quote, 'Good or bad, hard to say'. If
he hadn't lost one finger,he could have been killed by the
native people.

He ordered to release the follower, and apologized to him. But to the
king amaze, the follower was not mad at him at all. Instead, the
follower said, 'It wasn't a bad thing that you locked me up.'

Why? Because if the king hadn't locked the follower up, he would have
brought the follower along to the jungle. If the native found that
the king was not suitable, they would have used the follower. Again,
the quote 'Good or bad, hard to say' stands.

The moral of the story:

Everything that happens in this world, there is no absolute good or
bad. Sometimes good things turned out to be bad things eventually,
while bad things become a gain.

Whatever good things that happen to you, enjoy it, but don't have to
hold too tight to it, treat it as a surprise in your life.Whatever
bad things that happen to you, don't have to feel too sad or despair,
in the end, it might not be a total bad thing after all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Let It Be

Oct 11 2005, 22:20 hrs

I was about to update my blog. I have already got something to talk about. Tapi, nanti dulu lah. It has been quite some time that i visited my brther, sis-in-law and niece's blog. So, i went to visit them all. First, it was my niece's. ppbbbffffffttttttthhhhhh!!! thanx leelwan, for the tribute to PakCik. I will always love you. Promise!!

Then, i went to visit my brother's blog. Along, all the best for your new job yar.. Good to hear you are keeping well. I am so proud of you. Just for the record, you are my second idol..

Kak Long's blog touched my heart the most. Actually, i was about to write about the same thing. But i do not know how. How i wanted to explore this world and be independent. How i wanted to live my life and lead it my way. How i hope everyone understands what i wanted and LET me do what i want to do.

Am i too young to decide to do what is best for me? Terlalu dangkal fikiran anak muda darsawarsa sehingga terpaksa menunggu keputusan di buat pihak berwajib? I don't think so. For whatever reason, i need to make my own decision to decide what is best for me. To some of my so called "friends" who think they know me, think again. Just because you are older then me and you know my family member, it doesn't mean that you can also make a decision on behalf of me. To "you know who you are", GET A LIFE..!!!

Oct 12 2005, 22:58 hrs

I think i am done now *at last*

I'd like to share something from One Tree Hill,

"I don't want to be anything,
Other than what i've been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and
I have peace of mind
I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I'm supposed to be
I don't want to be anything other than me"

Jya ne!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


It is here again after a year. Welcome back. The month full of blessings and enjoyment. This is Ramadhan al Mubarak, where we also call it the fasting month.

Nak cerita pasal bulan Ramadhan ni, banyak sangat tajuknya. But i think i will talk about my favourite kuih for berbuka puasa. Yum, yum... nasib baik lah sekarang ni dah berbuka puasa.

Without any furthe delay.. First in the list:

1. Nekbat

Makanan ni berasal dari Kelantan. Actually i got to know this from one of my friend who is a Kelantanese. Syila, thanx a lot for introducing me to this. Actually i do not know how they make this kuih. But, it tastes like kuih bahulu soaked in tea..*huh* yup, rasa cam kuih bahulu cicah dgn air teh. Sebenarnya, kuih ni ada dua part. Kuih yang macam bahulu dan kuah. Kuah dia ni di buat daripada air gula campur daun pandan dgn bunga cengkih sket. But nowadays, the kuah is not that sweet like the days before. Kalau time bulan puasa, mesti gi cari kat Sungai Udang. That is the only place in Melaka that i can find nekbat.

2. Akok and Chilli springroll

Looks excellent. And it tastes excellent as well. I only have one akok in this picture and it is a bit hidden behind the springrolls. Well, actually akok comes from Kelantan as well. Just like nekbat, akok is also as sweet. Made of flour, duck's eggs and a whole lot of sugar, akok is one of my favourite and a "mesti beli" item during Ramadhan.

Apa pun, i still await one moist chocolate cake from KL. Aidir, you promised me the cake and i am expecting it.. say, next week.. hehhe *grin*..jadi kan balik Melaka next weekend? I hope to get the taste of one moist chocolate cake (a piece will do if not the whole lot). Aidir, i am counting the days..

Jya ne!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Al Fatihah

"To You (Allah) we pray, and from You (Allah) we seek help" (Al Fatihah:5)
I believe that He will help us whenever we seek help from Him.

I still remember, 100 days ago, when my father passed away of heart attack, i was very scared and afraid. I know not what to do. I even told him that i was too afraid to continue living without him around. I have always had him by my side. Supporting me, being there for me and standing up for me. When he passed away, i felt lost. Not to forget afraid. This is when i realized that having full faith in Allah, makes me feel better.

It is his will to take my father away, leaving me to continue my journey. My brother once said, which i quite agree "Ayah has done everything that he needs to do in this world. He has completed his mission and hence being called back."

These were the last words for me from my beloved father;
"My handsome son, thank you for being there for me. I am glad that i have you as my son. I am proud to be your father. Try to score 300. Be the best bowling player" I can still remember, those were the words he whispered into my ears some days before his last breath. And those are the words that i will never forget until my dying day.

I missed you so much and i know u know how much i love you.

Al Fatihah...