Sunday, August 28, 2005

Viva Le'Fiesta

Actually, i have scheduled a hectic sunday for today. But after last night, and the tiring day, i couldn't even open my eyes. After my Subuh prayers, i went straight back to sleep and woke up at 9.45. Sorry sangat Kak Gee, saya terpaksa ponteng raptai kawad hari kebangsaan hari ni sebab tak larat nak bangun. Semalam yang memenatkan.

After having my breakfast with my mama (had fried bee hoon *yummy*) i sat in front of my pc to update my blog. Masa tu keluar cerita dapat nombor 4 untuk nasyid. Huhuhu.. nak buat apa lagi kan.. Pastu dah setel semua i had my showers and my zohor prayers and get ready to go to Grand Continental. I organized a Hi Tea as a celebration to our victory in bowlin inter factory this year. Dah lama dah dapat hadiah tu, ni baru nak celebrate. Tu pun nasib baik budget dah ada dalam bulan August kalau tak mau sampai tahun depan tak organize lagi.

Apa pun, had fun time with the team today. Makan sikit la punya banyak... sampai tapau bawak balik.. Apa pun thanx to Maria who arranged all this for us. Ha.. nak tido la, pagi esok ada raptai untuk hari kebangsaan lagi. *yawn*

So this is one of the pictures taken during the Hi Tea. With me is Khairul and Arzahar, who made it to CESB's first team who eventually came in second place behind Infineon as usual. Tah bila lah nak dapat kalahkan Infoneon...

Jya ne

settle at 4 *sigh*

So this is it.. The night that we've all been waiting for. The first time Cubic Electronics qualifies for the finals for nasyid inter factory for Melaka state. By the way, here are some pictures of me at the finals. Yang kat sebelah ni, masa nyanyi lagu nabi anak yatim. We had a fine time especially bila Nazri goreng pakai kompang. Memang best. Somehow the judges were quite impressed i should say but anyhow..nak buat macam mana...

So this is is the picture of us. Lelaki kat belakang
dari kiri: Hasib, Nazri, Abg Hizam, Bul, Myself and Abidul.
For ladies from left: Lin, Effa, Edah, Kak Gee, Bib and Kak Yati.
Apa pun, we are the only team in the finals yang pakai jacket and the ladies pakai seluar. Memang contemporary. Boleh tahan la.
Apa yang nak dapat dengan budget RM 10 sorang untuk baju kan. Ni pun dah cukup baik ada kak Gee nak sponsor lebih. Thanx Kak Gee.

Well, it was quite an experience. Eventually we finished fourth behind Infineon who emerged as the champion, National Semicon second and TCCM as the second runner up. Well, apa pun, kita boleh try lagi next year kan.. If i am still around.

To all, thanx so much and congratulations.

Jya Ne!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Hmm..My second day coming back at 8.00 o'clock. To hectic of a day. Tak tahan dah badan ni. A few meetings sampaikan the last meeting with ET scheduled at 6.00 pm, i dont think i can attend that one. Sorry guys. You proceed and update me on the outcome. I'll go for the food testing later next week.

Just wish that my life is easier. Dah 3 hari sakit kepala ni tak nak pergi. At least my running nose is not there although it's still walking. This is real headache. Kepala macam nak pecah punya. Makan pain killer pun dah tak boleh baik. Hopefully i can get rid of it before nasyid finals this weekend.

Talking about nasyid, we have only 3 days left. And i can see that we are doing great. Conga and kompang and the other instruments blend well. I really hope that we could make it to the top 3. Insya Allah. Jomlah doakan kitorang supaya berjaya. Amin...

Jya ne!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sure or not..??

Cuba teka hari ni nak cakap pasal apa.. Cuba le teka. Sekali je. Tak nak? Sekali je. Teka la. Wok aloh..suruh teka pun malas. Ni lah.. macam mana nak maju? Cheh..

Actually something really unbelievable happened today. As i wrote in earlier posts, i represented the company in an interfactory Nasyid competition. Cerita pasal nasyid interfactory la hari ni eh..

Woke up early in the morning to have my subuh prayers, but after that i have to go straight to have my shower. And it is Sunday. While everyone is still curling up in their beds, i have to get ready for the competition. Sejuknya ya ampun.. dah la malam tadi hujan. After breakfast (my mama made me fried kuey teow) i drove to my office. Reach my office at 7.15 and looks like everyone is ready. Gathered all the things (kompang, tamborine, maracas) and of we go to Masjid Al-Azim.

Were the first to arive. And the rest of the other participants arrived about an hour later than us. Kalau tahu tadi tido dulu kat rumah pun sempat. And the worse part is, we were the second last to perform. Sikit la punya lambat. We eventually performed at around 1.00 o'clock. There goes my sunday. My precious sunday. *teruk seh, nampak sangat kuat tido*

So what is it actually that i am not sure of? I can really understand everything. The flow of the competition, the everything but not the results. Its not that i dont understand the results, but i cant believe it. How about this:

For the very first time in 6 years of Interfactory Nasyid, Cubic is in the FINALS..!!!!!!!!!

The finals man. And we are going to sing again this saturday in front of a bigger crowd as today is just the prelims. Finals beb. Macam tak percaya. Voices of The Hearts are in the finals... you go guys..

Apa pun, we still have to work so very hard to get to the top 3. The current standings, we are fourth behind National Semicon and Infineons. So VoTH, All the best for the finals *should also include myself

Jya ne!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Anuar Zain vs Mawi

Today is meeting day. Started in the morning at 10 with ET until lunch. Ha...lapar tau tak sebab tak makan sampai lunch. And i skipped lunch as i have to train for my nasyid. After lunch is review of EHS manual. Then its bawak-bawak jalan tour guides for next week visitors from Singapore. Tour guide pun nak kena ajar jalan. Hisy..Terus sampai malam baru la makan. My mama masak nasi lemak and ayam goreng. Yum, yum..

Tapi.. Apa kena mengena anak Pak Zain dgn Mawi ni? By the way the meeting with ET this morning was about Cubic's annual dinner. As usual la, as an employee in Company Affair dept, i am appointed to be the committee member secara paksarela. And the best part was, i have to take care of entertainment.. Haa, betul la tu..

So this year it will be either Anuar Zain or Mawi performing for Cubic. Yeah right..with Sarimah as the host. Meriah beb..But i think Anuar Zain will be it la. Tengok muka masing-masing bila sebut nama Mawi je..ek eleh, siapa tu? So cross your fingers guys, Sept 18 2005, Anuar Zain will be coming to Cubic.

What was the date again?...? Sept 18.. Ah.. i dont care. Anuar Zain ke Mawi ke Sarimah ke, i will be out of the office at that time. Spending my time with the princess of my heart, far away in London. Hey baby, i'll be there in 22 days.. hopefully by then i can get rid of my bcough and running nose...

Five days. And my running nose is still here with me. Although it is now jogging not sprinting, but still it's irritating. Really can't stand it now. Especially when the nasyid competition is just around the corner. Yeah, it's this Sunday at masjid Al Azim. Tension seh, takleh nak keluar suara langsung. Sengau lagi ada. Arghhhh..!!!!

Tak pe kot..Actually i dont put any hope to go to the finals. Just go out there and have some fun. That is what i need now. Perhaps the last time with my friends in Cubic before i really leave them all. Apa ni? Hehhe..Macam real je kan.

Jya ne!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Kejayaan, Kecemerlangan, Keterbilangan..

It is here again. The coughing season. Penat sey, batuk ni. It affects the lungs and breathing system. And it gets worse while i was in KL this morning. Spending the day in kl with haze makes me sick. And now i have to take the cough syrup.

I was in KL today. Kan adik kan. We had breakfast at Mc Donalds, and looked for Durian Belanda (what ever hey call it in English) and did some spongebob shopping.. hehhe..Actually, my sole intention was to give shikin a surprise during her convocation which was Sunday morning (hari semalam la). But, it turned out that tak sempat nak jumpa. They have like 1040 students in one session. And the session completed like after 1040 students recieved their scroll. Huh..!!?*#..Why on earth didn't you stuff in all 7000 in one session? Punyalah lama tunggu. And in the end i went back after sending adik to Sunway Pyramids. And as per normal, i pay my father a visit and went back home without even having a sight of shikin in her robe. *i'm sorry* But i really hope that u liked the roses.

Talking about convocation, Amin's convo is coming in Monday. Amin will be honoured with a Diploma in Instrumentation and Control or Diploma Jangkawas dan Kawalan. I hope i got instrumentation right this time. Anyway, to Amin and Shikin..

Happy convocation..

Jya ne!

Friday, August 12, 2005


What a day. It started today when i cant sleep after my sahur. I had coffee after sahur which makes my eyes wide open although its 5 o clock in the morning. So, apa nak buat kan, lepas subuh baru la dapat lelap balik. And the result:

*drumroll* big black ring around my eyes. Sebijik macam orang kena tumbuk.

By the way i came back almost 1 o'clock in the morning. Went bowling with Amin, Mail, Zam and Kak Yati not forgetting my charging cousin. Sleep late, cannot sleep some more, aiyoh.. at 11 a.m i am yawning and my mouth is as big as batu caves..

To make things worse, i got to go into a meeting on Social Accountability. Basically we are trying to follow SA8000 International Standards as guide to upgrade our global citizenship management system. How does that sounds? So sorry Jenny. I really cant concentrate on the PDCA cycle today. Maybe next time.

Moral of the story: Jangan minum nescafe masa sahur..!!

Then, everything went as per normal until breaking fast time. We had our prayers, Yaasin and tahlil as per normal days. But today, the whole family from Telok Mas and also ayah's cousin from Singapore, Mak Long Sal came and join us. So we had more company especially when whole pak teh and mak lang's family is around. GAMAT..!!!

But now, i think its really time for me to go to sleep. Got to prepare a few things though as tomorrow i'll be presenting a training for my safety committee. GO EHS.. and also have to get stamina for my kawad kaki. Arghhhh..!!!!!!!!!

Jya ne!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Time to say goodbye...

If i remember clearly, time to say goodbye was by Andrea Borcelli. WHy do we have to say goodbye? WHy can't we just say.. See you later.. or See you soon.. or at least.. See you.. Why must the word goodbye be invented. Its is so very unfair...!!

I never like to say goodbye. I do not want to reminisce any bit of goodbye that i said to the best, most wonderful man of my life now. Na ah... not this moment..

Well, today will be the last day that i am using this laptop to blog. Thanx to Mas and Abg Limy, i am going to use my new laptop to blog. I think it'll take some time for me to blog again.. Konon nya sedih la nak lepaskan laptop yang dah selalu pakai ni...

Nope.. Not me.. What ever happens, life goes on..!!! C'est la vie..

Hahha..cerita pasal computer baru pun boleh jadi bahan blog. Anyway, i am going off to bed now. After Isya', i'll call it a day. Too much data analysis makes me dizzy.. Yeah Jenny..makes me dizzy.. *yawn*

jya ne

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Aduhai Saliha........

Kau biarkan aku sendiri menderita susah racun hidupku saliha
Kau biarkan aku sendiri melewati sepi dalam diriku saliha
Kau biarkan aku sendiri meratapi nasib dalam gelita saliha

Ooooo Saliha...

Short and sweet for tonight...

Jya ne!


Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 12:40 pagi. Wah, wah, wah.. ngantuknya. After coming back from marching training this evening, i dont think i can even lift a finger. Am very tired with 3 different training in one day (ISO14001 training, nasyid training and marching). This is all AF punya hal. Nak tengok finals la konon. A final full of conspiracy.

They say, it was a finals full of conspiracy. Kenapa Mawi nak kena menang? Tak ada bakat, tak ada suara, tempo lari, pitching cuai.. tapi menang..?!*#!

I dont care.. Tapi apa pun, i do think Mawi did his best in the finals. Seroja, which i think pernah dinyanyikan oleh kumpulan nasyid Al Mizan/Al Jawaher, was the time when Mawi really nailed everything. With National Choir backing him up..(perasan tak baju Aznil sepasang dgn koir tu) there was no better voice projection than Mawi during the finals. Like i know weverything in vocals la pulak..Next time i will be the pengkritik tetap. Kudsia pun dah resign.. so its my turn.. Move aside..Second song was not so bad. New song from M Nasir. Ada rap babe. It is not about how good Mawi rapped.. but M Nasir and rapping...Boleh la kot?

Dah mula dah nak mengarut. Mengantuk sesangat sebenarnya.

Apa pun, memang rezeki Mawi untuk menang besar, sapu bersih semua award yang ada. Tak payahla dengki. Siapa pun yang menang, aku bukan dapat apa pun..hehhe..

Jya ne!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Ok.. as promised, today i will start blogging. Tak nak pulak nanti di kata mungkir janji ke apa kan.. But this is already 1 15 in the morning..who cares..

Well, today is Friday..nananana technically its Saturday. So its a weekend and no work. U think? Nama je hujung minggu masa untuk berehat dari segala kerja. But my thight schedule for tomorrow includes:
  1. Training session which starts at 10.. Nasib baik, so i can wake a bit later than usual *wink*. Yakin sangat..
  2. Lunch or no lunch will depend on the availability of time.
  3. Costume hunt for my nasyid team.. and nasyid..hehhe
  4. Meeting Nazim from THR.. nak ushar instrument for the nasyid.. again.. Duh..
  5. Nasyid Practise at 3.. Triple DUH
  6. Marching training at 5.. Its for the National Day Parade..

Cukup la setakat tu..And i have cleared everything for the evening session.. Nothing except for the FINALS...GO MAWI !!!!!!!!! Fanatik seh

Actually i am very tired already la. Had my first marching training session in 6 or 7 years. The last time i marched was in form 5 when i played brass band for my school. Yeah right.. brass band. And it was very confusing. Tukar langkah.. check, up.. Tukar langkah.. check, up..Like the people on stage really care if we want to tukar langkah or not...!*#?! Ikutkan hati memang malas, but i escaped the whole nightmare last year, so i was forced paksarela to be in the team this year..Kak Gee, jangan marah aaah..

Need to catch some sleep now. I think i made more than 20 spelling errors already. So enough of that..

See ya!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Here goes...

At last... my own blog space for me to blog. But where do i start...Hmm.. Mana ye..?

I think i will start tomorrow. I have had enough for today. Wow, is this how blogging works? Pretty cool huh..!!

But, really i will start fresh tomorrow. My eyes are just too thirsty...

See ya!