Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye Bye 2005

2005 a year full of memories..

Satu tahun yang sangat meninggalkan kesan dalam hidup aku. Tahun yang banyak mengajar aku erti kehidupan. Menjadikan aku insan yang lebih dewasa dan matang. Mengajar erti kesabaran dan ketabahan.

Barisan kejayaan yang ditempa. Siri kesedihan yang menimpa. Aku harap dapat menjadi seorang insan bertakwa yang berguna sekurang-kurangnya menjadi pembela kelaurga.

A year so memorable and unforgettable.

God bless you always...

Jya ne!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My name is...

BatuBata: What is your name?
Ilyas: Iyash..(Ilyas)
Ilyas: Daniel..
Ilyas: Harper.. *smile*
BatuBata: Your little sister?
Ilyas: Tiawa..(Tiara)
Ilyas: Jane..Harper.. *grin*

BatuBata: What about you?
Hirman: Hirman..*blurb..blurb*

I am sorry honey but i don't quite get that.

Those were the first few lines before they turn super ramah. Super-Duper-Hyper Ramah. Four little munchkins. Cute grandchildren of Mak Itam Ros. Now i know how adik felt when she was in Perth with them. Can't wait for leelwan to be that age. But Leelwan, don't grow too fast ya. You are a bit too fast now. Slow down a bit lah.

Went to Nek Ngah's house last night to see the preparations for Shafiee's wedding. Everything is good. looks good. Everyone is very happy. Excited for the wedding i guess. As for Nek Ngah, this is her 9th grandchild to get married. Kira-kira balik dah 31 cicit dia. Cucu dah jangan cerita. Wow..!! i mean DOUBLE WOW..!! 31 great grandchildren. Bayangkanlah kalau semua berkumpul satu rumah. Just imagined how it would be. Frankly speaking.. i can't..

Well, mama is in KL today. Iring Mak Itam, Pak Itam and Shafiee for nikah. She is not home yet. It's almost 11. But, its ok. she just called me just now to tell that she is fine. I guess i'll just have to wait for her until she gets home. Nak lepak depan telly. Tengok apa yang ada..

Jya ne!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blue Tuesay

At last its a working day again. Malasnya nak gi kerja hari ni. Am still in the holiday season mood. Why can't it be Christmas everyday until new year so that i can have a week off.

Jenny is not in today. She has taken another extra 2 days off. Good for her and i guess its good for me. Hehhe..*wink* It has always been like this every year. Jenny will take extra leave during Christmas. Nak sambut birthday kot. Her birthday is the one birthday i can not forget one. Shares the same day as boxing day. So, boxing day can not forget one, makes Jenny's birthday also quite hard to forget loh.. Anyway Jenny, Happy Birthday.

Got home around 7 today. Had din din with my mama and angah. Then we recieved a phone call from Perth people who are already in Melaka. Mak Itam Ros called mama. They talked about many things i guess. Lama gak. But, something really surprising happened. Mama told me that they want me to be Abg Shafiee's best man or pengapit during the reception. Abg Shafiee who is getting married this Thursday and the reception was scheduled this weekend. My second time as a pengapit. *ARGHHHHH...!!* can die...!!

But, i think it's so hard to say no. Shafiee is so nice. Yeah, he is a good guy. He thinks highly of ayah. So, abg Shafiee.. i guess i'll say yes. Nak kena fitting baju ni. Lets see which one suits me best...

Jya ne!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Visits and Feast

What do we have here...

Firstly, i would like to wish all who visits a Merry Christmas. Any presents for me? *sugh* Every year it's like this..*sigh again*

By the way, it is a nice holiday today. Had a lot of rest at home. Pagi tadi gi visit my father sekejap. Friday hari tu tak sempat sebab sampai dari Pasir Gudang dah lambat dekat pukul 7.00 malam. After that we went to Nek Ngah's house. Nak jumpa Mak Itam Ros and the family. They are all back here from Perth. Their son, Abg Shafiee is getting married this coming Thursday. Yey abg Shafiee. Jumpa jugaklah dengan semua except for Kak Ngah's husband. He is still in Perth and can not make it. Too much work.

Apart from that, Nek Bik's children and grandchildren are also in Melaka. Something very rare. Macam rare species where you can't really find nowadays. Yup, as you can see in these 2 below pictures, they are here in Malaysia. Datang rumah time Raya lak tu. Hehhe.. But it is fgood to have them here. Mak Ju pun nak gi haji. So, they come to visit us sekali la. Buat Mak Ju and Uncle Hashim, moga daat haji yang mabrur. InsyaAllah.

The ladies.. My mama, Mak Ju, Ecah, Mak Ngah and Anjang.

These are Pak Ngah's children, Nurul and the rest including Umar and 2 of Anjang's son. Pak Ngah is on the couch and Anjang sitting on the floor with his 2 sons.

Good to have you all here. Come again soon ya...

That night we went to Umbai to have some ikan bakar. All of Mak Lang's sons were here and she decided to take us together with them. Kira macam mak lang belanja makan ikan bakar. Best jugak. But i couldn't have too much. Cholestrol beb.. kena jaga.

Ni udang. Jaga punya jaga pun 2 ekor jugak. Aih... excercise..

Jya ne!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Week

It is now 2328. Almost my bedtime as tomorrow is a working day. However, i've promised to update more of my blog. So, here i am..And today, we're talking about last week.

Hari ni otak macam jam semacam. I had this meeting on Environmental, Safety and Health Management Plan for almost 3 hours today. Started on continual training for improvements, accident reduction and i had my own slot to present the gap analysis on ISO14001:2004. Oklah.. i'll get straight to the point. Last week.

So, last week was a bit hectic for me. Still have a lot of things to be done before conversion audit. Where is my ASSISTANTS where i need them most...?? Well, practically, i do not have any. That is why they are not there..Hehhe..Sangat menyedihkan. Kerja separuh mati sampai lembik badan tapi tak ada orang yang tolong. Everything including audits, documentation review, preparation of documents and records, system development, gap analysis i have to do it alone. ALONE..!!!?*&%$/#

Tapi tak kisah. I managed to cover everything before the deadline. Alhamdulillah. I managed to present my findings to the steering committee in time. Everything went well and i came out with a proposal. Conversion audit will be in mid March. Looking at the current system, i guess we can make it with zero non-conformances in the conversion audit next March. Malaysia Boleh..!!

Mama and adik went to Kelantan last week. Went there by bus and had their 3 days holidays. I guess it is good for them to go. Relax kan kepala sesikit kan. But, the best thing is.. JALA MAS and BUAH TANJUNG.. Yeehaaaa.. Dah lama tak makan jala mas. The last time i ate this thing was back in 1998. This time mama bought me some jala mas. Takleh beli bebanyak. Not healthy. I really enjoyed them. Thanx mama..

Oh yes.. before i terforget. We celebrated Christmas is Cubic on Monday. Bila dah dapat gambar nanti i will update you guys. This year its blue and silver Christmas. And as the previous years, i am again the committee member for Christmas Celebration. Percaya tak percaya...

I need to catch some sleep. Esok nak pergi Pasir Gudang. The fourth time to JB in one month. Need to se some supplier on chemical analsys thing. I was sent there because i am the only freaking employee who knows chemicatry more than anyone else. By the way it's a freaking electronic company for heaven's sake...

Jya ne!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Last Weekend

It has been almost 2 weeks since i last made an entry to my blog. Kesian dia ni kan. Terabai. Its not that i do not want to but i am pretty busy with a lot of things. Work..Travelling..Lunyai dah badan ni..

A lot of things happened since then. Lets not talk about work for now shall we..Lets talk about what happened last weekend..

Saturday, 10th Dec 2005

Woke up early in the morning. Can't sleep after Subuh as i am going to JB again. This time, we went to UTM to collect all of my father's belongings which was still stored in his room. At 7.30 we made our way to UTM and arrived there at about 10.30.

Was quite a sentimental when i first opened the door to his office. Selama ni, kalau buka pintu office tu, ada jugak nampak kelibat ayah duduk kat kerusi merah dia. But now, everything has changed. I can never see him on that chair again. He used to sat there, teaching me organic chemistry and sometimes giving me extra lectures. Now...*sigh*

Bilik tu dah berhabuk. It has been years since we left that place. We went there to collect his books and some other things which belongs to my late father. Sedih sangat bila kemas-kemaskan bilik tu. We decided not to take all of the books. We left some for the library. At least budak-budak lain boleh pakai buku tu kan... After about 2 hours, everything is done and we are ready to go home. Tapi masa nak tutup pintu tu, terbayang ayah duduk kat kerusi dia, smiling like he always did. The way he had always smiled at me after extra lectures with him..I will always miss that room, that chair and most of all.. that smile of his..

Thank you UTM for everything..

Sunday, 11th Dec 2005

We arrived home yesterday at about 4 o'clock and today we are on our way to JB again. Received an early morning call from my aunt telling that a grandaunt passed away in JB. If u can clearly remembered, i mentioned about this nenek Salmah who is over 85 years of age and suffering of stroke for more that 5 years.. Yeah, she passed away peacefully at her house 8.00 a.m today.

All i know is that, she is a wonderful lady and a very loving person. Has never seen her frown. Not even once. I know she is a very pious person. And i pray that she will rest in peace. Al-Fatihah..

Apa pun, i truly agree with what my brother says.. Tahun ni ramai sedara kita pergi. Kita iringi pemergian mereka dengan doa agar roh mereka dicucuri rahmat. InsyaAllah.

I'll continue tomorrow on what happened last week..Till then..

Jya ne!

Monday, December 05, 2005


It was about 8 years back when i joined a workshop in Kolej Mara Banting called Critical Thinking and Cross Culture Awareness Workshop. I was introduced to a game called "Battle of the Wordlords". Was kinda cool as it was some sort like a debate thingy but when we won a "battle" which was a debate on a word, we will have the opportunity to conquer the opponents territory. Cool huh..

I had an opportunity to debate on a word. And the word was dream. Hell, my opponent talked about dreams in your sleep and nightmares and wet dreams.. sucks.. I talked about dreams as well. But the other dream. What you want to be..What can you contribute..Your passion..Your ambition.. Of course la, with a bit of salt and pepper, i won the battle. I learn an important thing back then. I talked about my dream and i won the battle.

If you never dream, you will never win.

I like this song and i wish to share it with you...


Sedalam tinggi,
Seluas jauh,
Begitulah cita-citaku,
Seandainya kau ingin tahu.

Selama ini,
Hingga keakhirnya,
Suka duka silih berganti,
Kita punyai satu... Mimpi

Dream, before the sun shines...

Jya ne!

Happy Birthday Ahmad Hafiz

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Ahmad Hafiz
Happy Birthday To You....

Well brother, i made a special entry just for you on your 23rd birthday. To you, may you lead a happy life full of love and joy, be blessed with all HIS blessings and be my friend forever. Be safe brother...

Jya ne!

Gambar ak ukat JB bila nak bagi..?*#/^!%#

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dalam Kenangan

Day out..

Kadang-kadang kita tak sangka apa yang akan terjadi pada kita. Allah pun dah tulis, memang kita tak akan tahu. Semuanya Qada' dan Qadar Allah.

Today, one more relative of mine has been taken back to where we belong. My second cousin Amir passed away today at approximately 11.30 p.m of appendix complication. I am still in shock and know not what to write.

He is 17 years of age. Tengah amil periksa SPM which was supposed to end yesterday. I remembered the last time we met was during Eid when he came to our house with his parents to visit us. Still cheerful and happy enjoying the 'mee hailam' my mother made for them. I never knew that that was the last time.

I never had a chance to joke with him one to one. Never knew how he really was. Not that we have anything but frankly speaking, we are civil. We are related and sometimes when we met that was the only time we talk and just that. But, from his parents, i know that he was a good kid and a bright one too. Like what they say.. Good people die young.

To Busu Azim dan Busu Ramlah, please be strong. I know how it feels to have lost someone you really and dearly loved. Sama-sama kita doakan moga Amir ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman. Amin.

Allahyarham Amir Dalam Ingatan

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I've been clicking on all the icons on the screen today.

It has almost two weeks since i last updated my blog. I have been very busy with office work as well as social activities. For the past few days, i have been wondering bilalah nak ada masa nak update blog ni for i have a lot of things to share and update. However, now when i have the luxury of time, i can never think of what i wanted to write. End up clicking the mouse over the icons over and over again. *sigh*

Time is running out now.. Quick lah.. Faster.. aiyoh.. dont know what to write some more you write like this.

Jammed with a lot of thigs to think about. The Internal Environmental System Audit coming in December. And is December and i have scheduled nothing for it yet. I dont think the whole system is ready for an internal audit. With Christmas shutdown for almost 2 weeks, what can i do..? Perhaps there are some things that i can do. I dont know what i can do..Tell me, please.

With still a lot of documents pending to be approved, list of records to be reviewed and new systems to be tested. Resources are insufficient. Resources in terms of manpower, knowledge (if it is categorised under resource) we dont have much inputs and basically i am trying my best to make sure i cover everything that the standard requires. I try to read the standard and try to understand its requirement. It is a headache to develop a management system. So many things to do. To compile, to review, to revise, to advise, to vomit blood.

All to be completed soonest possible. ALL..!! Apakan daya aku hanya manusia. The clock is still ticking.. Tick..Tick..

Jya ne!