Sunday, April 30, 2006

Aquaria KLCC

Long weekend this time is spent here in KL. Am saving some energy and money as i've went back to Melaka almost every fortnight. So i've decided to spend my whole long weekend here in Shah Alam and perhaps KL.

My friend arrived in KL from Melaka. She is spending the whole weekend in KL or perhaps i should say with me..(hmm.. a she with me now..*wink*). Please, no gossips. Saya hanya perlukan gossip berkenaan kerjaya saya sahaja bukan hal-hal peribadi (ada gaya Siti KG tak??)

Anyways...really had fun spending time with her during the weekends. When she arrived that time was already makan time. Our plan was to go to Aquaria KLCC. So we had lunch at The Dome KLCC. Look at what i had..

Pasta...It's linguine with mushroom and chicken. Nice... Had it with iced water and black coffee as usual for me.

And what she had..

Roasted beef in Lebanese Bread sandwich. Nice ke tak?

Sori ye kawan-kawan, demi menjaga identiti rakan ini, hanya makanannya sahaja yang dapat diambil gambar. Muka dan anggota badan yang lain masih dalam kawalan pihak berwajib.

Had long lunch, which i am not suprised *hehhe*. After Zuhri we went to....

Yey.. Aquaria KLCC..

I never wanted to go to such places. I just dont feel like going to. But when this friend suggested, so i guess why not give it a try. Did some research on the internet on this Aquaria place. Looks cool. It costs RM 28.00 per person to go in. They say that they have over 3000 fishes and other animals in there. I hope that it's going to worth every single cent of my RM 28.00.

Cool huh.. This is the inside of the Aquaria. Of all aquariums in this Aquaria, i think this one captures my heart most. Serious. Wanna know why. I shared the same passion with my ayah on fishes. We had a few arowanas at home. But now only one is left. The rest died just a few days before ayah left me. Sedih kan. We also had other fishes as well. Kelah, lampam and all sorts of other Malaysian exotic fresh water fish. But as the arowanas, all died just a few days before ayah.

You could've guessed by now, why i like this fish tank so mech. Yeah.. it has more than 100 exotic fresh water fishes. Ayah would have loved this thing.

This is inside the "tunnel". If you've seen the movie Jawa eh salah Jaws, you know this thing. Scary gila tengok jaws berenang menuju arah kita ye dak..?? Manalah tau kena makan ke kan, saya ni tak kawin le lagi =) *hmmmm..*

hahha. this is yours truly. Picture taken by my friend yang agak gementar tangannya memegang IXUSi ZOOM kepunyaan saya itu. Anyway, i really had an excellent day that day. Takkan nak cerita semua.

Let's listen to Jessica Sipmson's song.. apa ye tajuknya..??

Jya ne!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Live Your Life..Your Way

Cool huh..!!

Jya ne!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend In Melaka

Was back in Melaka to spend my weekend with my mama. Kesian gak dgn dia sebab my sister has to go outstation for the weekend. So i went back just to keep her company.

Went bowling with Kimi on Saturday. Lihat ye kawan-kawan, yang diatas adalah markah Kimi dan bukan kepunyaan saya. Mine is at the bottom. Agak terel jugak saya bermain bowling sungguhpun sudah lebih sebulan tidak memgang bola kesayangan seberat 11.3lb itu. Well, i have to say that it has been rusty. Three open frames in one game is bad. I guess i have no time to play in Shah Alam. Sesekali main 3 game pun dah penat. Hmm.. Tanda-tanda penuaan..=< sangat marah...

Spent the rest of my weekend with my mother at home. Layan tengok tv dengan dia. Well, something that i love to do is just to sit and accompany her at home. Something i will do after my father passed away last year. Just want to make her happy.

Sunday came and it is time for me to go back to Shah Alam. Balik naik bas. Hehhe. Been so long since i last travel with public transportation. Lihat ye, gambar tiket ini pun diambil sebagai bukti penaikan bas *is there such word penaikan?*

From Seremban, i took the Komuter to Batu Tiga Shah Alam which is not so far from my house. Sangat lapang sekali Komuter di waktu begini di Seremban. Tapi setelah tiba di Kuala Lumpur keadaan bertukar menjadi amat hiruk pikuk sekali. Nak buat lagu mana. Orang memang ramai di kota sesak ini.

I'll be going back to Melaka soon. Melaka, wait for me..

Jya ne!

Friday, April 14, 2006


Lihat betul-betul ye..ejaan di atas bukanlah damn..tetapi DAM.

Well Thursday 13th we (myself, Jimz, Bobby and Lee from MP) went to Hulu Terengganu. Started our journey around 8.30 heading to Kenyir Dam, the second largest hydroelectric generator in Malaysia. We have a presentation and demo to make for TNB Hidro this time.

Lama dah tak lalu sini. Karak highway. I have been in the south for more than 18 years now. So basically from south we do not take this route. Will use Segamat-Kuantan-Jabor-Jerangau route *ingat ye kawan-kawan jangan disalah sebut mana-mana perkataan*. But this time from Shah Alam, we are taking this route. Shah Alam-Karak-Kuantan-Kemaman-Jerangau-Hulu Terengganu.

When we reached Kemaman it is already lunch time. About 1.30 in the afternoon. Boy i am starving. I guess i can eat a whole zebra. Had a quick lunch at Kemaman hailam coffee shop. Can't really remember the name of the shop. But the kopi o beng is excellent. Most people will go for starbucks, coffee bean and all, but i think this coffee beats them all. Sebijik rasa macam kopi o Kluang. The one near Kluang railway station. If you are the traditional coffee drinker like me, then you will know all this places. But if you are the starbucks type, then it's a different story. Can't stay long for our lunch. The meeting is at 3 o'clock. So we have to rush to Hulu Terengganu which is about 2 hours drive from Kemaman.

We arrived at the Kenyir Dam 2 and half hours later. Giler lambat. But TNB people waited for us. Thank you for your kind hospitality welcoming us and entertaing us although we did not arrive according to the schedule. This will happen if you dont plan accordingly.

I was mesmerized by the beauty of this dam. Wow..!! The only word that came out of my mouth when i first saw this HUGE man's creation. This generator generates more than 1 thousand MWH of electricity per year. Ten to the power of nine watt hour. How about that..!!!

Sejenak terpesona dengan keindahan alam ciptaan Ilahi. Terasa insaf dan kerdil dibandingkan dengan pencipta sekelian alam. Acap kali terlupa dan terpana dengan keseronokan duniawi yang selalunya menjurus pada kealpaan. Bila hati menghadap ciptaan yang esa, baru ku sedar kita makhluk tiada beza. Sesekali rasa bersyukur kerana masih dikurnia iman untuk masih mengenal Rabbul A`lamin.

The presentation did not take that long. About 2 hours. And then we headed back to Kuantan for din din before we headed back for Shah Alam.

Nice dinner at Pak Su Seafood. Squid, shrimp, fish, crab everything is here. Eat, eat, eat and eat.

My crab. Stuffed crab. Extra scrumptious *if there is such word*.

Totally tired but enriching experience. Adam called it a trip. Is it a trip..???

Jya ne!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Been So Loooong..

Been so long since i last updated this thing. Kesian lak kat blog ini telah diabaikan sejak berpindah ke shah alam. It is not that i am so busy sampai tak sempat nak update but i can not find the time to blog anymore.

But nevermind.. this is what happened since i last updated my blog

Was back in Melaka last weekend. Saja balik kampung awal bulan kan. Baru dapat gaji lah katakan. It's my first pay with LPP. So i decided to give my family a treat. Lagipun, it was mama's birthday last month and i never took her out to celebrate. So we went to Howards that night for a celebration. Simple mode of celebration.

There is the picture of my mama. Happy dia dengan toast and chicken something i cant remember what is the name. But telling you it is good. The food is very good. Had it with cranberry juice. hmm....

I had this. Chicken Cordon Bleu. Same with adik. Cheesy chicken with garlic sauce. Tasted so gooood. But it's too cheesy i guess.

Ni pulak, chicken tikka massala. Try and guess who had this. Mestilah tiada yang lain but my sister angah. Dia ni memang tak boleh lari dari kari kot. If u ask me, i think this tikka massala is better than the cordon bleu.

All and all i think the food is good. And i managed to make everyone happy with the food. Apa pun, to my mama.. Happy Birthday.. We'll try to be good children. I guess better children.

Ni lak, masa sebelum balik melaka. Had to send my car to the workshop. Change the ball joint. dah haus dah. Sikit je lagi ball joint tu nak jatuh. It costs me almost RM 300 for the freaking ball joint. Nak buat camana. Can't fix it my self. They say, "if you can't fix it, stand it". Ye ke..??

The day before i sent my car to the workshop. I helped to repaint the whole office (which is not so big after all). Saja je ambil gambar bukti buat kerja *nampak sangat tak ikhlas*. Tiring day. But fun..

Anyway i dont know when will i return to update my blog. Until then...

Jya ne!!!