Friday, July 28, 2006

Daily Life In Seria

Day nine in Seria. Day 8 in Seria Crude Oil Terminal. Hari ni gua nak cerita pasal kehidupan gua kat sini. Tengok la nanti best ke tak...

6.00 a.m
Bangun pagi dan solat subuh yang dah agak lewat sebab kat Brunei subuh habis dalam pukul 6.15 pagi. Lepas subuh kena siap-siap mandi dan kemas-kemas untuk sarapan dan gerak ke Seria Crude Oil Terminal which is only a few minutes drive from the hotel.

7.00 a.m
Sampai kat site SCOT. Tapi biasanya kena tunggu Permit To Work from site supervisor. Kalau dia lewt datang, so lewat la kitorang kerja.. kalau cepat, cepat lah..

A view of our site

9.00 a.m
Break time. Biasanya time break ni kena jalan sampai dekat 10 minit untuk sampai kantin. So memang kalau jalan balik ke site tu dah lapar balik dah. So, malas nak jalan untuk break. Just lepak di dangau yang disediakan. Macam kat sawah lak kan...

12.00 tengahari
lunch time. Kat sini kan awal sket dari semenanjung, jadi kena la break for lunch awal sket dari kat KL kan. Biasanya kalau lunch time ni makanan tak best langsung. Orang Brunei ni sama ada tak ada taste atau pun tak pandai masak. Tahla, i have not seen the best of Brunei food.

1.00 p.m
Masuk balik kerja. Buat fittings, pipings, check drawing, design and everything sampai la break lagi pukul 3 petang. Sampai pukul 6 baru dapat balik hotel untuk makan, mandi dan siap-siap untuk overtime di waktu malam.

Inilah keadaan selepas balik dari kerja. Memang dirty, filthy and tired. I dont blame anyone who doesn't want to date me if i looked like this.

7.00 p.m
Keluar balik dari hotel untuk ke site semula. Buatlah apa lagi kerja yang tak siap sampailah ke pukul 10.00 malam. Kadang-kadang tu pukul 9.00 dah balik dah. So balik hotel balik... TIDO LA...!!!!

Haa.. menarik juga kan kehidupan sebagai engineer ni. So engineering students especially chemical engineering (Xoul dan rakan-rakan) fikirkanlah...saja je buat cuka korang kan.. ekekekeke

Till then..

Boo ya..!!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Sunday, July 23, 2006

152, 162, 212

Ekceli i am kinda tired now. Just came back from site and got nothing much to do.. Before i got busy with my reporting which will start tomorrow, so i guess that i'll blog la first. Later when i have no time, then i cannot blog.. tak berapdet lak..
*korang faham ke apa yang aku tulis ni..??*

Lets talk about the food here in Seria. Well, there is not much difference between Malaysian food and Brunei food. Neighbour kan.. But anyway i could not stand the food.. Why..?? Mana-mana kedai pegi pun, tak ada yang pedas. There is this one time when my collegue ordered nasi goreng kampung and the waitress told us that the fried rice is extremely hot. We were kinda anxious to know how hot could it be. Sekali bila sampai, kitorang rasalah nasinya.. i think the curry that i made is hotter than their extremely hot nasi goreng kampung. Potong stim betul..

But anyway, they still have Malaysian food like hcar kuey teow (walaupun tak sama sangat), laksa asam, laksa sarawak, and other Malaysian food. Oklah.. But i still wonder ap yang jadi makanan kebanggan rakyat brunei ni..still got to find out.. but i heard that their seafood is excellent. That one belum try.

Nyways, i have to go. Just remembered that i need to compile something. See ya guys when i see ya..

Boo ya..!!

Friday, July 21, 2006


Good sleep i had last night. Mana tak nya dengan hanya berbekalkan 2 jam tido pada hari sebelumnya, i do feel like i have been knocked out. Good thing la no job at night for now.

Had nescafe tarik at the coffee shop in the morning. Tapi sayangnya i did not have my camera with me. Bukan apa at that time i didn't have my camera wit me. What a shame.

Headed to Shell Crude Oil Terminal in Seria after that. Had safety induction and nothing much la after that. Saja je nak apdet as i don't know how things will go later on after this. Tahla, kalau ada rezeki i will update as frequent as i can.

Don't know what else to blog. Kepala pun dah penat nih.. Maybe some other time..

Boo ya..!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Johnny Jemau

The day started very early in the morning when we had to wake up at 4.30 in the morning. Not enough sleep considering that I ended yesterday at almost 3 a.m. What a day it has been yesterday. I went back to Melaka to see my mum before leaving for Brunei. Arrived back in Shah Alam at almost 1 o’clock. Thanx to my friend monyet Aref (sorry bro.. takleh panggil nama lain dah nampak gayanya) After packing all my stuff and made some sandwiches for tomorrow’s breakfast I went to bed. Sleepy and tired.

5.15 a.m. the airport limo arrived at my house and off I went to LCC KLIA airport. Rasa macam nak tido je kat dalam limo tapi tak dapat. My eyes were very thirsty.

Arrived at the airport at around 6 a.m and it was time for me to check in. Checked in for the Miri flight and went for subhi. After subuh prayers, I boarded for the flight. Hoping so much that I could catch some sleep in the flight. I was told that the flight will take around 2 hours. Ada lah harapan untuk tido sket. Cover balik tido yang tertinggal.

On flight… I can’t sleep. That is with me. I can’t sleep on a moving vehicle. Be it bus, car or even plane. This includes the flight that I took to London which took me around 13 hours. How does that sounds. Dahla Air Asia tak ada bagi makan in flights. Hangen betul. Luckily I made myself some egg mayo sandwich last night.

Touchdown at Miri airport around 9.40 a.m. and 2 of Sahid’s people are there waiting for us. We will travel by land from Miri to Seria. But before that, we will have a break in Miri. Makan jap. I was so hungry. However, it is quite hard to find halal food in Miri. Serious susah giler. After walking around the town for almost 10 minutes, I finally found a nasi lemak restaurant. Halal food at last.

Lihat ye kawan-kawan, nasi lemak ini makannya dengan sup. Tak pernah tercapai akalku untuk makan nasi lemak dengan sup.

On the way back to our rendezvous place, ternampak pulak kedai ni. Johnny Jemau. Mungkin dia ni artis terkenal kat Miri kot. Siap ada album sendiri.

Another view of Miri…

After about an hour traveling by land, we finally reached Seria. A small town in Brunei not so far from Bandar Seri Begawan. We will be staying here for a month or so. We have some jobs with Brunei Shell Petroleum at the Emulsion Treatment Plant here in Seria.

Checked in the hotel and off we went to Sahid’s facility for a safety induction. Ni agak meletihkan. Try this. Tiga jam safety induction dalam keadaan yang penat kesan perjalanan yang agak jauh ditambah dengan tido yang hanya 2 jam pagi tadi. Cabaran dan dugaan yang sangat besar. Plus, they are talking about safety and environmental issues including ISO 14001. Giler boring. Now I know how it felt when people is listening to my safety and environmental training back in Cubic. *wink*

Went back to the hotel later that evening and had my nap before maghrib. Had my dinner at the restaurant nearby when I woke up. Dah tak larat sangat dah ni. I am now blogging from my room. Jap lagi nak mandi, and I am calling it a day. Another safety induction awaits tomorrow morning at BSP facilities. Hopefully I can upload this as soon as possible…

Boo ya..!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Coffee or Tea..??

If it is just between the two.. my choice would definitely be coffee. But my life is not as easy as choosing either coffee or tea.

Perhaps that is what they call c'est la vie. It shouldn't be easy. It wouldn't be something that you cherish if everything that you got comes easily. What makes the victory tastes so sweet.. sugar..?? honey..?? Teeettttttt wrong answer.. It is called CHALLENGE.


How much can i take?
How strong am i?
Is this real?
Am i doing the right thing?

From Tokyo Drift,

Han: I made my decisions and i never turn back.

Easy huh..

But how do i make the decisions. Am i doing the right thing? How sure i am that i am on the right track? Is this something that i wanted?


I do have my dreams. I know what i wanted. But is it something that i really wanted? Yeah, i think so. I hope i am right this time.

From Cinderella

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
The dream that you wish will come true

From High School Musical

We're soarin' flyin'
There is no stars in heaven that we can't reach
If we’re trying
So we’re breaking free

We need to do the thing that we wanted to do in life. Life is just too short for sadness and worries.

From Alexander

Pity and grief will only destroy you.

But do i have to make other people suffer in order to reach for the stars. People that loves me for who i am. Who loves me unconditionally.

Perhaps i should start thinking of the people around me who needs me, who cares for me and who loves me and forget about my dreams. Orang kata rezeki ada kat mana-mana. Betul ke..??

Or perhaps i just need to go for what i have dreamt of and be selfish. Think about myself and where i could be in the next 20 years.

I have my dreams. I have the people who loves me.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Lets sing Swahili..

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba
Sithi uhhmm ingonyama

Siyo Nqoba
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

I've been singing this song since i was small. 1993 i guess. Actually ingonyama means lion. This song is about how a lion is going to conquer pride rock. Sounds familiar..?? Yeah it is from The Lion King. Let us sing...

The circle of life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle
The Circle of Life

Boo ya..!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Questions

Aku cilok dari blog @leeq. @leeq cilok dari blog chitee.
Tak kisah la..

The Questions

Name 3 schools u went to :
+ SK Kompleks UDA
+ Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar
+ Maktab Rendah Sains MARA, Jasin

Name 3 things in ur purse:
+ Cards
+ Cash
+ Old receipts

Name 3 things u do when are really stressed :
+ Drive
+ Take a shower
+ Sleep

Name 3 places u go on a daily basis :
+ Office
+ Restoran Seroja..makan best siut
+ Projet Section 13

Name 3 favourite fruits :
+ Apple
+ Kurma or dates
+ Watermelon

3 names u go by :
+ Acik
+ Azwar
+ Wak Jo

3 of ur favourite foods :
+ My mum's fruit cake
+ Nasi durian.. tapi takleh makan banyak
+ Pasta

What are u wearing right now?
+ ....
+ ...
+ .....

The Whos

Who r in the house with u?
+ alone now.. Housemate balik kampung

Who (or what) r u thinking about rite now?
+ Bila nak sampai ETP..??
+ Kereta apa nak beli
+ Can Italy make it this year??

Who did u last talk to on the phone?
+ Monyet..Areffadhly

Who do u sit next to in your class?
+ Class..??Office la.. Jimz

Who was the last person u told u loved?
+ My brother.. On the phone last weekend

Who do wish u were right now?
+ A healthier me

Who gets on ur nerves the most at school?
+ Ustaz Rasdi

The Wheres

Where do u live?
+ Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam..

Where is ur phone?
+ Right beside the mouse

Where do u sleep?
+ On my bed

Where is the last place u took a ride to?
+ Masjid kat TTDI

The Whats

What was the last thing u ate?
+ Mee goreng mamak.. panas

What colour shirt r u wearing?
+ black

What is the closest item near u that is blue?
+ me.. i guess i am blue today..

What do u like best about school?
+ nothing..i dont like school

What is ur favourite colour?
+ black and white

what do u wear more: jeans or shorts?
+ jeans

What is the last movie that u watched?
+ Superman Returns at the movies wit Fashah and AntiX
+ D3 Mighty Ducks on TV

The Whens

When did u start school?
+ 1988 - Hamilton School

When is ur birthday?
+ 14th Sept 1981

When did u last go to the mall?
+ Wednesday - Watch movie at Mid Valley

When was the last time u bought a pair of pants?
+ underpants kira tak..??

When did u last burn something?
+ Every night..Vanilla scented candles

Boo ya..!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

United We Stand..


Mana lak aku leh dapat accent Texas ni..

Anyway, last night i went to watch Superman Returns dgn AntiX, Fashah and Jimz. Excellent show. Giler best. Next show apa ye..?? Transformers is next year. So for the time being let us talk about something else. Lets talk about...


I wanna talk about my collection of hair gel. Just gel and not including, hair glue, oil, and other substances to hold my hair. Yeah, just hair gel.

This is the one that i will usually use. L'oreal FX Studio Freeze Unbreakable Hold Icy Shine. It gives good icy shine effect or the wet look effect. Some brands do say that their gel provides this wet look and shiny effect, but i think some of them do not have the effect which is as good as this one. The price: RM22.90 for 150 ml.

This is also from L'oreal. L'oreal FX Studio Radical Gel. Mildly scented. Jarang-jarang pakai. Pakai pun kalau yang kat atas dah habis. Hehhe. Price: RM22.90 for 150ml.

UNO Gloss Hard Gel. Yang ni tersalah beli. Ask my sister. Lain orang suruh beli lain yang dia beli. Huh.. Anyway, i will still use this if i dont need the 'hard' effect on my hair. Agak menipu sket gel ni. It stated there Gloss Hard gel but actually the effect that you'll get is barely gloss and merely hard. Maybe i dont know how to use it the correct way. Price: RM19.90 for 150ml.

Last but not least, L'oreal Studio Party Proof. Mildly scented as well. Water resistant. Well, when u say water resistant bukanla sampai takleh tembus. If u apply shampoo and conditioner, sure can tembus one. Small amount of water including sweat will not affect the style that you made upon your hair. That is what they meant when they say water resistant. But this gel is the hardest gel of all. Tapi ada satu je kelemahan. Make sure you wash your hair before going to sleep if you have applied this gel earlier. Kalau tak nanti berbenang je pillow case. Pening nak ngemaskan. Price: RM20.90 for 200ml.

Yang ini bukan gel. My favourite snack. Walkers Crisps Salt and Vinegar. Yummm.. Please do not apply this on your hair. This is meant for eating...

Boo ya..!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hang On A Sec...

It has been quite a while since i really blog here. Been busy travelling around and looking at projects.. well i am pretty occupied. Weekends are the same. With world cup and Wimbledon Open and all sorts of marathon on TV..buat apa nak update blog..Hahaahah..

Went to watch Germany and Argentina last Saturday at SS2 with AntiX, Fashah and 'ayam' (sorry i don't quite get your name). Crowd was good. Giler ramai. First time i went to see a football match like this. I watched football at TV. Never at the stadium, apalagi kedai mamak with big screen. Giler rasa cam kat stadium. The game was a good one. As much as i wanted Argentina to win (although i am not a big fan of Argentina) i know that Germany will win. And they did. Pak Leman menjadi hero.

Went back around 2 o'clock and i am all set for Italy versus Ukraine. Game was not as good as Germany and Argentina. But the pastas beat the Ukrainians. I am a big fan of pastas and pizzas so i guess i am an Italian fan as well. *DUHHH...*

Next day i woke up very early. Cant sleep after Subuh prayers. Why is this happening to me..?? I needed my sleep. Tak cukup tido. Anyway later that night i went to see the match that i've been waiting for. England and Portugal. Went to Hartamas with AntiX, Fashah, AntiX's sister and brother in law and the others. Well, Hartamas Square is sooo much better than SS2. Gila sesak. Panas. Shall not continue i guess..

Anyway, i really had a wonderful weekend. Lepaking with AntiX, Fashah and the others. Esok jadi kan, we go and watch Superman Returns...??

Boo ya..!!!