Friday, September 29, 2006


Hey guys..

I am back after a week of silence. U will actually expect a longer silence when i go on board this Sunday for 2 weeks.

Flew to Brunei last Monday for a 3 day training prior to boarding Fairley 4 platform for a job there. It is a must for all to actually undergo this training before we could go and work offshore. Sebenarnya dulu dah pergi buat masa kat Consist, Taman Melawati. But this time, Brunei Shell wants the course to be OPITO approved (which i cant remember what does OPITO stands for) so we have to sit for the training and assessments again. The training is exactly the same with the one we had in Consists cuma ada tambahan beberapa subject macam boat transfer and what nots. We had sea survival (kaedahnya kena lah berenang), HUET or helicopter under water escape technic (kaedahnya yang ni memang lemas kalau panik dan tak pandai berenang), fire fighting (sekadar memenuhi syarat) and also boat transfer including abondanment of platforms using TEMPSC ( which i cannot remember what TEMPSC stands for).. huhu..

Ada gambar terbaru termasuklah BOSIET course pictures. But i ahve not downloaded it from my camera. So guys, maybe i'll upload to my blog later or as usual kalau dah terlambat tu, nampak gayanya.. maybe not..

Anyway, i am too tired today. Tomorrow is another resting day before a 10 day job on Fairley 4. Nak gi cari makan bersungkai lah patang neh di Kuala Belait. Makan Nasi Katok ajak lah..

Boo ya..!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Buat semua pengunjung yang beragama Islam,

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa..

Iklan ditaja oleh CARLING, penghilang dahaga di bulan Ramadhan..

Monday, September 18, 2006

DAM Part 2

Dem betul.. kali ni gua nak update pasal pemergian gua ke empangan buatan manusia terbesar di Malaysia buat kesekian kalinya. Weh betul ke apa yang aku tulis ni. Rasa cam pelik je. Nyways, ini kali gua pergi lagi ke Kenyir untuk site visit. Happening jugaklah.. tapi penat beb. Just came back from Brunei on Tuesday, now on Saturday i am driving more than 500 km to Kenyir dam.

Started the journey from Shah Alam at 11 and as usual i have to pick Bobby up at PJ.As usual, we'll stop at Karak for a break but this time it's for lunch. The same shop everytime we head for east coast. Tak pernah miss punya.

Continued our journey to Kuala Terengganu where we stopped a while at Kemaman for our Hai Ping Coffee. Also another spot that we'll never miss. As usual it's black iced coffee and roti bakar for me. Giler hilang mengantuk..Anyway we reached KT at about 7 p.m. Biasalah, pemandu berhemah yang senantiasa mengikut perturan jalanraya. Gua bukan kisah kalau kena drive lelama. Lagi gua suka ada. Tapi jangan sound kalau gua tgh nyanyi dalam keta. Pegilah jahanam kan.. Lu orang nak tido lu punya pasal..*hiks.. ganas lak*

Lawa tak empangan Kenyir. Serious beb. Gua rasa sayu je hati tengok indah alam. Memang kuasa Dia besar. Cuma kadang-kadang kita angkuh nak mengaku betapa kita kecil berbanding Dia.

Just another view. Tapi yang ni sungai selepas empangan. Cun..

Ni pulak gambar gua. Dah agak lama jugak gua tak apdet gambar gua kan. Semenjak gua balik dari kerja kat Seria Crude Oil Terminal, suma orang akan bagi gua dua komen:

1. Apasal kurus..??
2. Wah.. dah gelap..

Nak buat camana kalau dah kerjanya macam indon kontrak buat KLCC. Jadilah gua seorang yang kurus dan gelap. Tapi gua tak kisah. Yang penting hati gua putih
*putih ke..??*

Nyway, Rabu gua nak balik Melaka jap. Pastu Khamis dengan Jumaat di JB. Sabtu gua akan berada di Shah Alam yang tercinta. Isnin gua akan fly ke Brunei. This time Fairley 4 Platform. Gua akan apdet semua dengan perkembangan di Fairley 4 *walaupun tak sehebat Champion 7*.

Boo ya..!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Terima Kasih...

Hari ni gua nak buat special tribute kepada semua yang mengingati dan berkongsi kegembiraan dengan gua semalam. To all of you out there.. Thank you very much or they say in Hong Kong.. Fenquevelimud..

To my family,
Mama, my sisters, brother, sister in law and also my cute little Azmarea, thank you for the love and care that u've showered me with. No words could explain how grateful i am to have a family like our family. I love you all and thank you for being there for me.
Mak Chu,
Thanx for being the coolest..

To my friends,
Ahmad, Aref and Syael,
You guys will always be the first in line to be there for me. I know that..

Ajim, Husni, Jue, Ika, Macha, Zalina, Amier, Azhan, Naz & Syida, Kak Jie, Yati, Kak Gee, Zal, Wawa and Syila,
Though we are not near but i am sure we are close at heart. Thanx for being such a wonderful friend. I will always cherish the true friendship that we have.

To someone who sang the song out loud and dedicated the song for me,
What more can i say.. Thanx for being there for me; sharing sadness and joy, talk about our dreams and just being there and talk about nothing. I just wish that i can see more of you.

I had a quiet day yesterday. Spendt the night alone in my room with my 4 vanilla scented candles, music from light and easy and Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. I realized that the meaning of birthdays do not come with how grand your party is or how expensive one treats you to dinner, but realizing that you are loved by wonderful people around you for the whole time since you were born.. For 25 years, i know that i am blessed with a wonderful family and a whole bunch of wonderful friends.

Thank you All..

*Just wanna include Aleeq in the list*

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Gua yang sangat tensi hari ni..

Siapa nampak gua punya data transmitter, silalah kembalikan kepada tuan empunya yang sangat tengah bengang dan tensi ini...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Breakaway Trip

Wah.... So long since i last frequently update my blog. Have i not tell you, when i am busy, i will be busy as hell and i will not have the time to update. Anyway, i guess i can blog a bit now.

Was still very tird and sleepy. Arrived from Brunei last night at about 2 a.m. Yeah, once again i flew to Brunei to attend a course to be a competent 1st aider with Brunei Shell. Arrived at Miri airport on the 7th of Sept at 9.30 a.m. Dah berapa kali sampai airport ni pun masih lagi nak ambil gambar.

A view of Miri Airport while waiting for the driver to pick me up.

Reached Sahid Sdn Bhd around lunch time. Got the news that the course is postponed to Saturday and Sunday while the assessments will be on Monday. So Friday...?? One day off in Brunei. Peluang keemasan yang tidak boleh dibiarkan begitu sahaja.

Got everything planned carefully..which route to take, what time does the ferry leaves Brunei, the total costs and everything. Ni nak gi mana ni..?? Siap ada feri bagai kan.. So everyone, i am leaving for WP LABUAN...

So i drove to the jetty in Muara, 120 km from Seria where i stayed. It only took me about 70 minutes to reach the jetty. Sampai je kat jetty memang cun-cun untuk beli tiket. Kalau tak sempat beli time tu kena lah tunggu lagi sejam setengah. The ticket is just B$16 for a 75 minutes ferry ride to Labuan. Air conditioned and fairly comfortable. Oklah kan, dah tak ada choice lain. That is the cheapest way to Labuan.

Labuan is actually quite big. So for me to travel around the island requires me to hire a cab. Malas lah. I decided just to wark around the jetty area. Some shops selling cheap duty free ciggs, alcohols and perfumes; just a small town area. Tapi berjalan dalam panas memang lah penat kan. Luckily the weather is fair. Boleh gak jalan-jalan. I mean, at least i have reached Labuan.. kan..

Some pictures of Labuan

Harus ambil gambar selamat datang ke Labuan kan..

Lepas dah agak penat di Labuan, i finally disembark from the Fed Territory and head back to Brunei. Reached back at Seria at almost 7 p.m. What a day and what an experience.

Moral of the story: Jangan tunggu orang kalau nak buat sesuatu. U can always do anything on your own. As long as u know what you want to do and it is something that u wan to do.

I'll tell u more on my course in the next entry..

Boo ya..!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Korang tau tak apa gua nak bikin malam ni..?? Hari ni gua nak delete dua entry yang lepas dan senyum sepanjang malam sampai esok dan selama-lamanya.....(",) ada berani..??

Ingat tak dulu ada satu lagu;

Senyum seindah suria,
Yang membawa cahaya,
Senyumlah dari hati,
Dunia mu berseri.

Senyum umpama titian,
Dalam kehidupan,
Kau tersenyum, ku tersenyum,
Kemesraan menguntum...

So hari ni gua nak sentiasa tersenyum. Why do i need to suffer from the bad things other people did upon me. I'm done with it. Thinking about it again, life is just too short for sadness and worries. Life goes on baby..

From LeAnn Rimes:Life Goes On,

Life Goes On,
And its only gonna make me strong
Its a fact,
Once you get on board say goodbye cause you can't go back
It's a fight,
And I really wanna get it right
Where I'm at, is my life before me,
Got this feeling that I can't go back

Do u get that..?? I bloody hope you do. Satu lagi lagu..Please just one more..

From Josh Groban:She's Out Of My Life

On second thoughts, that song doesn't suit me. I wanna smile all day. Lets smile with me..

Boo ya..!!