Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back where i belong..

So now i am back to where i am supposed to be. At least someone thinks that i am supposed to be here and no where else. *sigh*

These are the pictures of me leaving London. Along, kak Long and Leelwan, thanx for everything. I really enjoyed my stays there in London. Surely, i will come again to visit u guys. And not to forget Auntie Tim. Thanx a lot. This picture is the last picture taken with the Atanmayas. *hehehe*. Ada umur nanti kita jumpa lagi dan boleh ambil gambar banyak-banyak lagi. Boleh makan duck and pancake, anchovy pizza and perhaps oxtail stew. Boleh kan...

Ni kat dalam plane. Nampak je senyum, tapi sebenarnya tuhan je yang tahu betapa sedihnya nak kena balik Malaysia sebab hari Isnin nak kena kerja... Hahha.. What ever it is, i really enjoyed my holidays this time. And i hope u guys enjoyed my stays as much.

Jya ne!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Love Is All Around


For the first time in history. Confession made on the one that i love. I love this girl so much, it hurts to leave her in London. Tahla, kenapa aku sayang sangat kat sikenit ni. Well, for starters let me tell you that she is so cute and adorable. Dia ni bijak dan dah mula pandai nak bermanja.

She is my one and only niece (at present time). Azmarea Azlan. Just look at her. How cute is she...SHE IS CUTE...

Yeah, she is adorable. And that comes from her one and only uncle... That's me..

Jya ne!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Greenwich, Bekonscot and Windsor

So this is the weekends again. After celebrating one of the best bithday ever, my brother and sister-in-law brought us (myself, Auntie Tim and Leelwan) out for a roadtrip.

So first stop...Greenwich.

This picture on the left is where we bought the most excellent brownie ever in the whole world. Rasanya lah kot. Thanx kak long for the brownies. I think the chocolate and respberry are good but still the white chocolate brownie is still the best. Nyum, nyum...

Actually, kat Greenwich ni kitorang stop sekejap je untuk beli brownie. After that we went to Bluewater, one of the biggest shopping mall in Europe. I think it's the biggest. Didn't do any shopping at Bluewater. Just jalan-jalan.

The next day, Sunday, we went out again. We went to Bekonscot to see a miniature village. It is a very nice place to see all type of buildings in miniature size. Castles, forts, church, shophouses, hospitals and even graveyards. Hehhe.. And it has been there since 1929. Pretty cool huh..

As u can see behind me is a miniature size fortress made of bricks and stones. Just imagine a fortress smaller than leelwan. *Hmm*. It didn't take long for us to complete the whole area of miniature village. So we decided to go to Windsor and see the queen...

So, off we go to Windsor. As i can remember, the last time i was in Windsor was when i'm 7. That was like 17 years ago. Lama tu. And that time, Windsor safari was still there but now i heard the whole safari has been shifted to Manchester or somewhere else. But the good news is, Windsor castle is still there. Good news ke? Tak kot. Biasa je..

After a few oohs and ahhs looking at the castle, we went to have some scones at a tea shop situated at Queen Charlotte Street, the shortest street ever recorded in the whole UK which measures a mere 50 ft and 10". *kiasu*

The scones were excellent. Especially served with creme and strawberry jam. Rasa cam tak nak berhenti makan. Tambah lak dgn black coffee. Mak mertua lalu pun tak perasan. Haha aku bukan ada mak mertua pun...

Apa apa pun, i really enjoyed the whole weekend spent with my brothers family including Auntie Tim. Thanx ya all.

Jya ne!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Birthday Bash...

Hey ya all..

First let me sing a song for myself..
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy bithday to me.

Well basically, yesterday was my birthday. 14th September 2005. And guess what i think i am having the best birthday ever in my whole life. It all started when it looks like no one ever care if its my birthday or not. But, i wouldn't mind as my brothe and sister in law might be too tired after a hard day at work. So there i was, sitting in front of the telly with almost no light when suddenly they came out of their room bringing along a rich chocolate cake with candles. Hahha..they remembered after all. So singing a birthday song to celebrate good health and good life, i cant believe it as it was the first in so mane years that someone actually sing for me on my birthday.

And...the list of presents i recieved this year. Along and kak long gave me a handsome dockers sling bag. Aunty Tim gave me some cash as she thinks its best for me to look for my own present, where in the end i bought myself a very nice M&S shirt. Thank you along, kak long and aunty. And as for Azmarea the leelwan, she gave me something as well. She gave me her lower arm for me to bite. And she cried. How sweet. *grin*

And the best is yet to come. I also got a ticket to watch Lion King the musicals at The Strand. And, its the nicest seat that anyone could asked for. Basically, i really wanted to go and watch the musical but i just dont know when to go yet. But, just let me just tell you about the show. It is extremely excellent. How they bring the whole jungle to the hall. I dont think i can describe but i am sure it is the best musicals that i have ever been to. Thanx along and kak long.

Mama and angah, thank you very much for the cards. Really meant a lot to me. How much we have went through and there is still a lot more to go through. I'll be strong.

Well, just say that this years' birthday is the best ever. Thanx to all. Maybe when i am back i will scan the tickets and place it in other posts.

Jya ne!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

At Last...

I am back... it's my fourth day in London. And my first day blogging after quite sometime. Apap pun, it is time for me to update all you guys about what has been happening here.

Touched down at Heathrow at 6.00 p.m (London time). After a long queue at the immigration, i finally get out of the terminal finding my brother is already waiting for me. But before that, i would like to thank pak teh, kak yati and my family for sending me to the airport.
Before we reached home, we fetched Abg Lam, Kak Farah and their 2 wonderful children, Umar and Alia. First time visitng my brother as well, so we had dinner together. After sending them back home, we headed back to catch up among each other.
Chit chatted for a few hours, i dont intend to sleep at all.
First reason being its already morning in Malaysia.
Second, we planned to go to the market to look for some fish.
So after they all went to bed, i spent my first night in London with Sky.

Day 2
Wake up sleepy 'eads. Tapi, tak bangun pun. Eventually everyone is up at about 8.30. Too late to go to the market already. So, we decided to stay home and enjoy the weekend as we planned to visit another Malaysian, Sasi and Nalina who just had their second baby last Tuesday.
About 2.00 p.m we started the journey to Essex where they are but we made a stop at Mother Care World. World betul... We arrived at Sasi's at about 4 o'clock to see that they are already wxpecting the Londoners. Had nice time meeting u guys and to the newborn, Welcome to the new world.
Congratulation to Sasi and Nalina on your new born baby.
That night, we were half full and half empty. Kinda starving but a bit full. So, we ordered chinese. Had hot and sour soup which was excellent. But i dont think i can have the duck. I am totally full. And not to forget, sleepy. It has been more than 28 hours since i had my last sleep.
Night all..!!

Woke up early and fresh. Had good sleep in the duvet. Rasa cam tak nak bangun pun ada. But the sun is shining brightly. Rugi beb duduk rumah je. So after brunch, siapkan leelwan, we went window shopping at high street. Lupa nak cerita pasal leelwan. She is so very adorable now. Dia dah pandai gelak, senyum besar and senyum kecil. But i really like the senyum kecil. Looks so cute. Heartbreaker...
After having kebab, we went to marks and spencers to buy some desserts. Mandarin orange desserts, some caramel and blue berry puddings. Splendid. Berat la Leelwan sekarang. Semangat. Letih lak dokong. But anyway, u aren't heavy, you're my niece.

And today, we planned to go to Elephant and Castle. To buy some Clarks. Tengok la eh apa yang dapat. I'll update u guys more tomorrow.

Jya ne!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Merdeka Updates..

Sorry la.. Gambar-gambar ni lambat sket nak publish sebab baru je dapat dari empunya kamera pagi tadi. So guys, these are the pictures of me and my troops marching along Malacca streets for almost 8 kilometers. Not bad eh.

The walking journey is so very tiring. But fun. Rasa macam celebriti sey...Kitorang jalan di tengah-tengah jalan, kereta berhenti di pangkal jalan dan ramai orang menonton kami di bahu-bahu jalan. Bolehlah jalan, terasa diri selebriti la kononnya. Apa pun, this is how i celebrate merdeka this year.

By the way, thanx Ong for taking our pictures. Senyum ni bukan apa, senyum sebab Bapak Ong nak ambil gambar kitorang. Siap bagi signal tu sebelum ambil gambar....

Well, today is my last day here in Melaka before i go and spend my holidays with the Atanmayas. Cant wait to se you guys. For those in Cubic.. Selamat Berkerja Keras !!

Jya ne!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hot.. Hot.. Hot

Hey there all. Sorry la, sebab lama sangat tak update benda ni. The last time i updated this thing was on bowling celebration and was like 7 days ago.

So, today was the beginning of the last week before i fly to London. *Leelwan, tunggu lagi 4 hari je lagi.*So, as expected, i have a whole lot of things to settle before i go for my 2 weeks notice. Eh, bukan.. Two weeks holiday in London with Leelwan and the Atanmayas. I have scheduled everything from Monday to Friday. So that i can cover as much as i can before i leave. Documents submission for recertification of ISO14001, Regulatory audits, some training session for Suhaizal on conversion of ISO14001 to the new version and some legal updates to be done. I just hope that everything can be settled before i go or at least Jenny will have some ideas on what am i working on.

*whole paragraph deleted as to protect confidentiality*

And that was the reason why i took half day leave today. I have to go and do my passport with the Immigration Dept. Tak perasan passport tu dah nak luput tarikh. Thank you mak lang. Without u i dont think i can get the passport today. *wink*

Tapi panas tak tahan. Sweating like i'm in hell. But i've never been there yet. And no intentions of going there as well. =) Tambah pulak dgn aircon kereta yang agak bermasalah. Poor me. Tak ada budget nak betulkan air cond. Nantilah, tunggu balik dari London. Cubic pun.. bagi bonus sikit sangat.. Cuba lah bagi over the dose sikit kan.. Try again next year yeah..

Jya ne!